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Badly need to fix my first DA2 WIP, A History of Lies so I can structure it as a novel. You do not want to know how many words and outlines and maker knows what is in on my laptop. Please help me think?!

Comment with one or more numbers from this list, I will blather, and hopefully helpful ideas will spark, brilliant conversation will ensue, and a plan will emerge.  (this is also on tumblr for those who prefer that format).

A History of Lies Meme (aka, the Fix the Broken AHOL meme):

  1. Protagonists
  2. Antagonists
  3. Point of view
  4. Backstory:  Mari Hawke - (mage)
  5. Backstory:  Hawke family & Amells
  6. Backstory:  Magic in Kirkwall during prior generations
  7. Backstory:  Cullen
  8. Backstory:  Merrill
  9. Relationship:  Cullen/Hawke (Frienemies -> friends -> lovers)
  10. Relationship:  Cullen+Hawke family
  11. Relationship:  Hawke+Merrill
  12. Relationship:  Cullen+Merrill
  13. Relationship:  Cullen+Templars+Chantry+Sebastian
  14. Relationship:  Hawke+Kirkwall+Aveline
  15. Relationship:  Cullen+Aveline
  16. Theme:  How History is Edited & Written / Historiography
  17. Theme:  Kyriarchy in Kirkwall
  18. Theme:  Geography, Expatriates, Multi-National Identity
  19. Theme:  Names, Clothing, Decoration, Identity
  20. Theme:  Racism/Orientalism/Colonialism (applied to the Elves)
  21. Theme:  Magic, Economics, Regulatory Laws/Procedures, Wealth
  22. Theme:  Passing, social privileges
  23. Setting:  Gallows
  24. Setting:  Hightown
  25. Setting:  Lowtown
  26. Setting:  Alienage
  27. Setting:  Wounded Coast and Sundermount
  28. Setting:  Cumberland
  29. Story:  Missing scenes
  30. Story:  The missing years (9:32, 9:33, 9:35, 9:36, 9:38-40)
  31. Story:  Act 1 (& challenges of writing a semi-novelization)
  32. Story:  Act 2 (& challenges of writing a semi-novelization)
  33. Story:  Act 3 (& challenges of writing a semi-novelization)
  34. Personal:  Why does this story interest me?
  35. Personal:  How does this relate to my original fiction?



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I'll get my Final Fantasy list and original fiction list done by monday.


This is why my Scrivener file has far too many words of story drafts and notes and meta but so little posted.


If anything interests you, let me know. This list should be 100% complete. 

Organized loosely by amount done, from lots of words drafted to plot bunnies and premise bunnies. When text exists in a public location, I’ve included links.

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fem!mage Hawke/Cullen
850 words, rated T/PG/SFW

During a conspicuous moment of stillness on the eve of war, Kirkwall's most notable mage suggests to Cullen that he should leave.

Written for missema's prompt on the 2014 Dragon Age Kiss Battle.

Read on AO3

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Elsa, Meredith (Dragon Age 2)
200 words, rated G
Elsa saw the corruption occur.

Read on AO3

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The Key
Carver/Isabela (w/ Bran/Serendipity, Wynne/???)
4200 words, PG
Carver enjoys delicious friend fic and Isabela writes it for his pleasure.

Read on AO3

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What He Wants - Chapter 6 

Chapter Summary: For a devout templar who takes Andraste's sacred verses to heart, oral sex is a religious experience.

Chapter 6 rating: NSFW, but of a literary variety with long paragraphs rather than the short sharp shock of pornographic words (so you might be able to get away with this on your screen at work?)

Overall story rating: M / explicit sexual content. 

Read on AO3 or

Written for DAKinkMeme prompt - Hawke hides an unintentional pregnancy from the father, Knight Captain Cullen. After she gives birth, Cullen attempts to reconcile.

A/N:  Phooooo. Author is slow at editing, all of this was written eons ago. A few more completed chapters are waiting for edit but hopefully I have a little more time in my schedule now.  

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Precious Things - Chapter 1:  Forest Edge Manor, Lothering

Characters:  Bethany Hawke, VL’s Emile Hawke, DA2 cast with emphasis on minor characters, plus characters from DA:O and Asunder.

Summary: History remembers Enchanter Bethany Hawke as a defender of mage rights during the events leading up to the Mage-Templar war. Recently, her memoir was uncovered, describing the decade she spent in Kirkwall and how she rose out from her older brother's shadow.

(Pairings: eventual Bethany/Keran; this world includes M!Hawke/Anders and an ambiguous Cullen/Surana plus other canon pairs as needed.)


Normally I don’t see much point in telling my life’s story. People have already decided who I am no matter what I say. Of course, it’s not as if they have walked beside me during my dreams, and their nightmares are theirs, not mine, but none of this stops others from thinking how they know what is best for me.

I sometimes wonder why certain people commit themselves to misunderstanding me. Sure, my choices have been governed far more by convention than by idealism. At least, until now.

[Read on AO3]

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Title: Unthinkable Peace

Fandom: Dragon Age 2

Length:  2150 words

Characters:  Cullen/Mari Hawke, Thrask 

Summary:  Thrask’s insubordinate suggestions anger Cullen. Cullen would prefer to be in the Champion’s bed. 

Notes:  Part of this timeline. Written for pendency’s prompt: “Thrask’s thoughts on Mari/Cullen


In that lingering moment between dreams and wakefulness, Cullen lay within a hot cocoon of blankets, Mari’s sleep-heavy limbs holding him down. He let another minute pass. Maybe more. He might have slipped into sleep for an unmeasurably long moment. 

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Title: Ink and Lavender
Fandom: Dragon Age
Length: 3000 words
Characters: Cullen, VL's Neria Surana (assumes prior Cullen/Surana, current Alistair/Surana)
Summary:  Knight Captain Cullen runs into Warden Surana in Hightown's market. Their reunion is bittersweet at best.

Read here on A History of Lies (on tumblr)

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Here's something I'm blogging about on Tumblr, daily(ish).  I'll also post here for archival reasons.


Popular media rarely resonates with me at a deep level. Far too often I feel like big budget movies and games tap into someone else’s stories and fantasies. 

When I first played Dragon Age 2, about a dozen hours in I realized — HOLY SHIT! — someone wrote a (reasonably) big budget game just for me! (My next thought was, “hmmmm, I bet lots of gamers dislike this game…”) 

DA2 has its problems and I have a list of things I would've liked to see done better but, by the time my first Hawke began the initial quests in Act 3, I had been sucked into a very real, personal nightmare. I was riveted. I empathized with Hawke’s painfully difficult situation. Any hope of playing a defiant, swoop-in-and-fix-it hollywood-style hero had been snuffed out of that character long before the Chantry went Boom. I projected feelings and motivations into Hawke that felt real. Hawke felt vulnerable and, given that I was unspoiled on how the game ends, I believed anything could happen, good or bad, and Thrask’s death only increased my Hawke’s sense of vulnerability.

I blogged semi-privately about this experience during January-February 2012. Thinking back to that time still fills me with strong emotions that are difficult to describe.

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I posted on Sept 9th about month-long writing productivity experiment that I'm doing this month in which I count the number of words I post (or archive) per month. Given that I'm on vacation (which is rapidly ending), my count is a bit higher than I expect it would normally be. 

All of the details for how much I wrote plus a list of all fiction and essays during the first 9 days of September: are linked from this post.

As of today, I'm my count for September looks like this:

Words Archived:  0  (must make archival versions of two DAkinkmeme stories before end of month?!)
Words Posted:  23561  (definitely higher than my target)
Number of Posts:  14  
Days when no writing occurred: 2

Fiction, Headcanon & Meta posted from Sept 10 - Sept 20:

  • DA2 Meta: Thoughts on the Anders Rivalmance - 625 words
  • DA2: Fenris/fem!mage!Hawke - "Close" - 2150 words (very NSFW, for this prompt)
  • DA2: Cullen/Mari Hawke - Chapter from "A History of Lies" (drunk Cullen has something he must tell Mari) - 2350 words
  • DA2: Cullen/Mari Hawke - Headcanon in 15 Question Domestic Meme - 3850 words
  • DAO: Cullen/Surana "Accidental Baby" - 650 words
  • FFXII: Vossler/Basch "Telepathy" - 430 words
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Yet another domestic meme! This has a big section of thinky-thoughts at the end (question 15) with music/poetry from Leonard Cohen and why Cohen’s juxtaposition of sacred and profane imagery is absolutely perfect for a Hawke/Cullen ship. I’ve included links to four songs for your listening pleasure.

01. Who is big spoon/little spoon?

Him. Her. Neither. The dog. Depends.

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(Crossposted on tumblr)

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Peaches and Gin
Dragon Age 2
Mari Hawke, Malcolm, Leandra, Carver, Bethany
2100 words (rated R for some obscene language)

Written in response to pixelnyx’s question about “Mari’s relationship with Malcolm and Leandra. And because I imagine this might make a difference, how Mari might moderate her behaviour when it’s Leandra and Malcolm in the same room vs what Mari might say to them one on one.”


Family matters flowed easily when father was alive. My youth was full of joy. Me laughing until my sides ached, bare feet kicking in the air as I rolled backward on the floor, hands clasped as my elbows locked, index fingers pushed together and pointing up as I shot sprays of frost into the roof beams.Father threw peach pits into the air for me to shoot. Whenever I hit one, it would plummet to the floor, falling as an icy hailstone. PLONK! I would roll fast and dodge out of the way under the table. Another peach pit would loft into the rafters and, just as fast, I would slide on my side, fingers taking aim. KE-PLONK! CRASH! A peach pit hailstone knocked a cooking pot from a shelf and our old mabari jumped to his feet, barking at the sudden clatter. Carver yelled at me and Father to ‘knock it off, would you?’ He was trying to read. Bethany rolled her eyes and smirked behind her needlework. All the while, Father and I howled just as loud as our barking dog. Side-splitting laughter forced me to clutch my side but Father tossed another pit into the air. The pit careened straight toward the little glass window on our front door, leaving me no time to take a breath as I took aim. I forced out a bolt of ice that knocked the pit from its trajectory. The ice-bound pit crashed into the door-jamb just as Mother walked in.

“Oh, Maker!” Bethany shouted. Eyes wide, she clasped her hands to her mouth.

[Read on AO3]
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Triple Drabble (300 words)

Knight Captain Cullen attempts to have a peaceful night of sleep while staying at Mari Hawke’s manor (sometime in the middle of DA2’s Act III). 


They held each other as they lay beneath woolen blankets )
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Crossposted from Tumblr:

Out of curiosity, I made a table that shows the number of stories at AO3 that feature various ships with female Hawke and Male Hawke. I only used AO3 (not because AO3 allows me to easily identify only the stories that explicitly ship a pair.

I searched for Hawke paired with canon LIs, Hawke paired with non-LI party members, and Hawke with a small selection of NPCs (selected mostly on my interests and whims than anything else). I decided only to look at Hawke pairings because the author has a greater range of flexibility in how they shape Hawke. Hawke can be an author stand-in, Hawke can illustrate the author's feelings while playing DA2, or Hawke can become the kind of character that the author wishes to write about.

Barring any mistakes in my tallies, here are the stats:

For quick comparisons, here are stats for some other ships that are have 10 or more stories:

  • Fenris/Anders: 249
  • Fenris/Isabela: 69  
  • Aveline/Donnic: 36
  • Aveline/Isabela: 16
  • Bethany/Isabela: 10
  • Bethany/Sebastian: 14
  • Carver/Merrill: 32
  • Isabela/Merrill: 28

(Personal ramblings beneath the cut...)


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The "How I Feeeeel About This Character" meme for Dragon Age's Cullen:

1.  How I feeeel about Cullen:  Why Cullen's skewed moral compass interests me and my muse. (2000 words)

2.  All of the people I romantically ship with Cullen:  Headcanon and muse-fuel thoughts about Cullen/Warden, Cullen/Hawke, Cullen/Leliana, and Cullen/Bethany. (2500 words)

3.  My non-romantic OTPs for Cullen:  More headcanon and muse-fuel about Cullen and Alistair, Greagoir, Aveline, and Merrill. (600 words)

4.  My unpopular opinions about Cullen:  A series of logical consequences regarding Cullen's devotion to the Order. (1700 words)

5.  One think I wish would happen to Cullen in canon:  Answers wanted for what happens after DA2! (500 words)

(cross-posted on tumblr)

An Aerie of Hawkes

Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:19 am
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(This is crossposted on my tumblr)

I feel like talking about my Aerie of Hawkes. As much as I love my Wardens, I think I love my Hawkes a little more, probably because DA2’s story feels very different to me depending on how I role play Hawke. (Also, less effort is needed to complete a DA2 play-through and I like DA2 a little more than DAO).


As part of my “writing something daily and posting it within 72 hours challenge” some of these Hawkes will be used in mini-fic that’s inspired by various prompts (such as the 15 Day Hawke meme, but answered as fic, and over how many days I feel like ^^).


So, meet my Hawkes!


* Mari Hawke (f!mage, no romances, skeptical-agnostic regarding Andrastian religion) - my first Hawke and my canon!Thedas Hawke who has two variants (original play through and massively meta-gamed for fiction); she lives in the same world as my canon warden- f!Surana’s (with Surana/Alistair as co-wardens post-game).

* Garrett Hawke (m!rogue, sleeps around+flirts with everyone, rivalmances Anders, conflicted-but-devout Andrastian) - my alt-canon Hawke.

* Rob Hawke (m!mage, rivalmances Fenris; BOMB THE F***ING CHANTRY!) - an anarchist bloodmage Hawke-in-progress who should be in Anders smalls but, no, it just doesn’t happen. ;)

* Sana Hawke (f!warrior, something with Sebastian) - a lawful good believer in the Chantry who I started a while ago. I haven’t yet decided if she will rivalmance or romance Seb. TBD.

* And… generic Marian plus generic Garrett who I use for fic fills (currently unassociated with any play throughs. They just live in my head and in the minds of prompter-writers’ prompts).


More Details about my growing Aerie of Hawkes are below the cut.

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What Would You Have of Me?
Dragon Age 2, Cullen/f!Hawke
2000 words, Rated M (NSFW: some sexual content)

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