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In-progress list of DW communities that are of interest to people in video games fandoms. This list is not complete. If you want to suggest something I should add, please comment! A bunch of challenges have begun on June 1 or are beginning very soon. 

= Multi-fandom prompt & exchange communities =

- Participation open now/soon -

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= Video game specific communities =

- General communities for video game fandoms -

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- Prompt communities for specific video games -

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- Inactive / Quiet -

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= Other DW Communities of interest =

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starting an ideas list

Tuesday, 9 June 2015 12:48 pm
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Will post my current list of active prompt and video game communities on DW when I get home this evening.

Until then (and based on what I did not find), things I would be interested in seeing on DW if others are interested:

1.  Dragon Age specific - A weekly prompt community for wardens, hawkes, and inquisitors.  Sort of like those ephemeral 30 day memes on tumblr a while back but focused more on fic/art/fanworks with thematic prompts for developing your OCs. Weekly schedule but allowing people to go back and do old prompts too, maybe as a friday free for all?

2.  Dragon Age specific - ThedasCharacterFest - each week an established major or minor character from the DA franchise is nominated for a character fest:  post new fic, art, meta, vids, etc., plus recs and self-recs to older fic/art/meta.  To give people a heads-up, a schedule can be created. Alternatively, a random algorithm can be used to order 52 characters for 52 weeks of fest.  Could also include clusters of minor characters and/or cultures like "Dalish NPCs" or "The City Elves" or "Circle NPCs" or ... something like that?

3.  Final Fantasy specific - FFCharacterFest - same as above, different multi-game franchise, perhaps with a slightly different format to cover all the games more fairly? A few characters per week?  Would also need chocobos week, moogles week, and Gilgamesh week. ;)

4.  Video games - Weekly or fortnightly prompt community celebrating female characters in video games. Art/fic/vids/meta accepted.


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I am currently compiling a list of DW communities that host multi-fandom or video game prompt challenges, fic exchanges, meta discussion, and other video game fannish activities. 

Anything from bingo prompt communities to very specific game+format communities (like drabbles for FFVIII) are welcome.

If you know of anything specific, please leave a comment? I'm searching manually through DW using the interests features.

Dead communities that might be revivable are also going on my list.

Meanwhile, I am think about video games fandom communities I would like to see on DW. Please comment with your own idea?  

Feel free to signal boost a link to this post. 


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