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 Another set of entries, cross posted from my tumblr account.
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Currently doing the 30 Day Dragon Age Warden Challenge (character development exercise) over on Tumblr. I'm posting archives over here with a few days batched up into one. Here are Days 1 through 4 (Describe Your Warden's Background, Describe Your Warden's Appearance, Detailed Description of Warden's Personality, Descriptions of Warden's Relationships with DA:O Companions).

Fearliath's 30 Day Warden Challenge Master Post

Day 1. Describe Your Warden  


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Sorry to not keep on schedule with my NaBlo posts yesterday and the day before. I started writing this post on Tuesday morning but a combination of a deep lack of sleep, a 12-hour workday, and all of the hullaballoo with the U.S. elections squarely got in the way of finishing this post. By the time I got home, the 6th of November had come and gone, and I was a crazy mix of drunk (wheee, alcohol), wired (wheee! Great election results!), and exhausted (booo… no solid sleep for days…). Yesterday, I decided to take a MUCH NEEDED “fall off the face of the earth” day. I slept until early afternoon (yay! Sleep deficit resolved!) and then I sequestered myself in a coffee house with a book. Dinner somehow ended up involving a lot of tequila as my dinner-mates monitored state and county election returns (at that point, only 60ish% of our state’s vote had been counted, and less so for our populous county). I finished writing this post late last night (after sobering up) but was too tired to post it. Clearly I need to catch up with my NaBlo posts by doing double posts over the next few days. 


Today’s post is about one of my WIPs, This Bird Has Flown (Alistair/Surana, Cullen/Surana). A 500 word excerpt from my draft of the first chapter is at the bottom of this post. 

This Bird Has Flown grew out of the first DA:O fanfic that I drafted almost a year ago. The story hasn’t yet seen the light of day because the idea needed a lot of time to cook. Along the way, it merged with a few other story ideas until one day the whole thing just *CLICKED* and I could see the entire novel. At that point, I only needed to sit down and write it. (Harharhar.)

While TBHF is narrated entirely by Alistair, the story is just as much about Neria’s friendship/relationship with Cullen in the Circle and Alistair’s prior friendship with Cullen as monastic brothers as it is about Alistair/Neria, Alistair’s relationship with his royal-blooded family, and Alistair feeling unsure about what he wants out of life.

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I want to get Alistair's relationship with my canon warden, Neria Surana, back into my head so here's a detailed version of a 15-question domestic meme, complete with a few songs to listen to while you're reading (if you are so inclined -- scroll down to the end for music).

01. Who is big spoon/little spoon?

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Ficbit a day

Tuesday, 21 August 2012 11:53 pm
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During my semi-vacation, I'm trying to post one fic-bit per day. No minimum word count but at least one page (250-300 words)? If I skip a day, oh well. Life is life. Sometimes I'm nowhere near a computer or the intertubes.

Fic bits are going up on my tumblr account under the "my fic" tag:

Today's fic bits are both from my canon Dragon Age universe:

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There's a 30 Day Alistair Meme happening on Tumblr. I'm using the meme as an excuse to write my daily dose of micro fic. 

Fic bits can be found in the second half of each of these posts:

Day 1: Warden's relationship with Alistair + Micro Fic "The Bleak Month"

Day 2: Hardening Alistair + Micro Fic "Sisters Lost"


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