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I'm skipping around in the order of questions merely because they'll get done much faster this way!  Cullen's answer is below and the answer for Basch+Noah+Penelo+Drace will be posted tomorrow.

(for [personal profile] owlmoose  and anyone else who is vaguely curious ^^)

Cullen's concept of home and family is a little bit unconventional … and then the concept dies )

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2.  Do they have any daily rituals?

Another very long answer, purely because this hits on a core headcanon issue.  Most future answers are much shorter (or mini-fic).
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1.  What does their bedroom look like?

In certain cases, bedroom descriptions include or morph into apartment or house descriptions because that is more appropriate.   (This post is far longer than most that will come, which is why it took me a while. ^^)

= DRACE = 

Drace's bedroom (shared with Bergan) )


Penelo's series of bedrooms in Rabanastre )


- Basch & Noah’s shared bedroom during childhood -

Bedroom in Landis … and what Noah did in there. )

- Basch in Dalmasca - 

The Hero of the People's sleeping spaces in Dalmasca )

- Noah in Archades - 

Noah's series of interesting apartments in Archades )

— The After Year — 

Basch & headcanon paraplegic!Noah switching places (sort of)  )


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Given that I have a few different characters who are getting the full 50 question treatment, on most nights I'll include all characters' answers in one post (occasionally with mini-fic). Given how long the bedroom answers are turning out, I'm splitting this across two posts, one for Dragon Age and the other for FFXII.

Here's Cullen for [personal profile] owlmoose

Headcanon: Cullen's bedrooms in Ferelden and Kirkwall )

Headcanon Index
All 50 Questions
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Here's my index post for the epic 50 question headcanon meme. Depending on who asked the question and where, my responses are being posted onTumblr, DW, or LJ but this post will serve as the master index for them all.

Feel free to throw another character at me from FFXII or DA and challenge me to dredge through my twisted headcanon. :)

Final Fantasy XII Headcanon:

Fran (on DW) - Questions 22, 35, 36 + anything else (TBD)

Basch, Noah, Drace, & Penelo  (on DW) - will attempt to post at least one every other day.
  1. Descriptions of bedrooms over the years: Drace (shared with Bergan), Penelo's series of bedrooms in Dalmasca, a life history of Basch & Noah's various sleeping spaces

Dragon Age Headcanon: 

Cullen (on DW) - all 50 questions, will attempt to post at least one response every other day.
  1. Description of bedrooms in Ferelden and Kirkwall (somewhat messy and lacking a personal touch)
  2. Daily rituals and dealing with trauma (long response)
  3. Concept of Home and Family (very unconventional...until the concept dies)

Headcanon meme

Friday, 23 March 2012 04:55 pm
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 Even though this is something going around on Tumblr, I'm cross posting this over here too!  


Give me a character and I'll tell you my headcanon for them pertaining to any of the question below--you pick which questions.

If the character is someone who I have written often in the past or someone who is featured heavily in any of the WIPs you happen to know I am writing, feel free to hit me with whole list. 

Fandoms: Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Age (Origins, Awakening, DA2)

The BIG list of questions )


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