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Yesterday on Tumblr I keyflailed & squeed about how today is the one year anniversary of my novel-writing lovefest with the most perfect plot bunny for me to write: Even The Littlest Monsters Cast Shadows Long and Tall -- a FFVII fanfic novel about Lucrecia, Vincent, & Yuffie, plus Grimoire, Hojo, Avalanche, etc.

The story, as planned, unpacks and plays with a beautiful mess of implications and eyebrow-raisers in the cheesetastic Dirge of Cerberus plus other related bits of the FFVII franchise, with all of it viewed through the lens of a gamer/writer who worked as a bonafide Scientist(tm) with a couple of decades of comparable experience (corp+academic), and who is capable of incorporating (fictional?!?) social commentary on post-colonialism, the problems of corporatism-and-science (including when mixed with governmental goals), high achieving professional women’s anger, popular media and identity, and all the horror both literal and figurative.

Plus, well, Vincent is (unintentionally) hilarious despite the whole concept driving him being depressingly sad.

Sigh. MONSTERS. After pants’ing my way to a very large number of messy words, I am in that horrible terrible (boring, lol) phase of TRYING TO ORGANIZE/OUTLINE THE GIANT MESS I CREATED ALL OF LAST YEAR. :D

And to make things more fun while in this terrible organization phase, I am open to prompts all this month! \o/

So, here is an awesome list of prompts and these are the Monsters ships I will take for any of those prompts:

-- Yuffie x Vincent

-- Lucrecia x Vincent

-- Lucrecia x Grimoire

-- Lucrecia x Hojo

Leave a comment below or use my tumblr ask box : just give me a prompt number from that list plus a ship and weirdshit will no doubt result. :D

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Title: Rosso Got To Hold A Natural Wonder of Perfection
Rating/Type: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: Prompt: #24 - Deadly Sin: Envy on ffvii_100
Author's Note: The origin for "But Coveting Thy Neighbor's Property..."

Read here


Ongoing series archived here:
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Title: Envying Unconditional Love Was Never Yuffie’s Sin, But Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Property…
Shelke, Yuffie/Vincent
Word Count: 200
Challenge: Prompt: #24 - Deadly Sin: Envy at ffvii_100
A/N: Occurs sometime after Dirge of Cerberus

Read here

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Title:  They Bring Out the Best and the Worst They Can Be
Characters:  Yuffie/Vincent
Rating:  Teen
Series:  FFVII Original Game, On the Way to a Smile, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus
Summary:  50 one-sentence snapshots of Yuffie and Vincent over the years, in-canon and post-canon, as they grow as individuals and as friends, and eventually become a partnered couple.


Read on AO3

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Title: Of Monsters, Children, and Beasts
Series: FFVII - Even the Littlest Monsters: Tidbits, previews, and outtakes
Characters: Vincent, Yuffie, Nanaki
Rating: G
Words: 900
Summary: Odd circumstances and odd friendships go hand in hand.

Author’s Note: The first in a series of Monsters tidbits to be shared while I finish drafting the novel that Monsters wants to be. I used this scene as a voicing experiment-in-progress to play with what goes on in Vincent’s head during his “……” moments. Not certain how the voicing will change assuming an edited version of this ends up in one of the earlier chapters. In the current draft, this scene occurs in Monsters after Yuffie makes a few attempts to simultaneously humiliate and befriend Vincent (because Vincent is strange and Yuffie is bored and strange is fascinating and they are both outsiders-verging-on-outcasts). That is followed by her doing something “uncharacteristically” altruistic: she successfully defuses an ugly, edging into mutinous argument amongst AVALANCHE after the first time Vincent turns into Galian Beast (and Barret isn’t having any of that shit in AVALANCHE, thank you very much). This scene below occurs a day after that mess and the Vincent-angst that ensues. In that context, this scene can be interpreted as Vincent’s way of finally saying thanks, although it can also stand alone as a character study.

Vincent found Yuffie sprawled inside his tent. )

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I forgot how much I enjoy writing 100-word drabbles. I also forgot how much time I spend the following evening dicking around with words and formatting for posting.  Both stories are for the prompt "Spring."

Title: Waiting for Warmth
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo
Rating/Type: G
[Read story at ffvii_100]

Of Ephemerality and Immortality
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Yuffie
Rating/Type: G
Author's Notes: Yuffie, in her early 30s, leaves Reeve's WRO and returns to Wutai. Vincent goes with her to Wutai as her companion.
[Read story at ffvii_100]


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