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Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. 


I am using this opportunity to start creating a collection of the fan art that has provided inspiration while I work on drafting a novel-length FFVII fanfic.

This list is far complete but it took me a long time just to assemble this much into a post so here it is:

FFVII Fanart Recs! (Note: The art is thematically relevant to Monsters (FFVII: Vincent, Lucrecia, Yuffie, Cast) so you will see a very clear theme *cough* in these recs) )

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In addition to an anniversary prompt fest for Monsters’ main ships, hit me up on MBTI-related thoughts regarding characterization and how I am attempting (lol…) to use MBTI cognitive function ideas to model unhelpful behavior that ends up putting characters into conflicts with themselves. [EVIL GRIN]

Really, anything from “how the hell does this even work?” to something far more specific, even how did I make these type decisions. 

I have been thinking about writing on this topic but ever time I try, I just end up with a random word pile in my scrivener so… ask away.

FWIW, while one can make different argument for each of the characters, within Monsters I am most definitely treating the following characters as the following types:

- Vincent (Turk!Vincent & undead!Vincent) - INTJ, as an increasingly unhealthy one until he bottoms out into severe dysfunctional INTJ-lost-in-shadow-function-land by the time Cloud meets him. By the end of Monsters, he finally becomes far more functional/healthy/realistic.

- Yuffie - ENFP, who hits a bottomed out super dysfunctional space at a very young age, shortly before she joins Cloud’s crew in FFVII:OG. By the end of Monsters she is definitely starting to grow up (age 21).

- Lucrecia - ENTP, whom I write as a typical(???) ENTP until she becomes emotionally stressed, destabilized, and circles around the drain in a way that is depressingly dysfunctional ENTP, I think…  D:

- Hojo - ISTJ, who starts off as an ISTJ style scientist with some unpleasant quirks that, when put under pressure, goes to shit. And all of that is before he becomes a Crazy Scientist™ with full on avoidant personality issues.

- Other characters open to interpretation… 

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Title:  In the End She Got What She Wanted the Most
Characters:  Lucrecia/Vincent, Lucrecia/Hojo, Chaos, Grimoire
Rating:  M
Series:  FFVII Original Game, Dirge of Cerberus
Tags: Dysfunctional Relationships, Lack of Communication, Extramarital Affairs, Pregnancy, Science, Power Dynamics, Sex
Summary:  Fifty one-sentence snapshots of Lucrecia's thoughts about Vincent from the moment the meet until she says goodbye.


Read on AO3.

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Okay... almost done circling around the Yuffie & Vincent present time story spanning some period of years. I still have questions for myself (and the story), but the structure is all there, the motivations are there, the progression and themes are ALL THERE. The main question I have for myself is WHY WHY WHY do their crises revolve around a certain issue that ... that I will ponder later. Not now.



As I said in the beginning of March, the Lucrecia story burst from my head fully formed all in one go because IT IS SO OBVIOUS. (because reasons. so many of them.)

But now that I'm back on it ... does anyone have their own reasons for what Lucrecia and Hojo saw in each other? Just curious.


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