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Years pass and I am still wondering why my style for DA Fic feels so different from my style for FFXII fic. Today I started wondering if the length/format caused the textural and stylistic differences.

With rare exceptions, I have felt incapable of thinking about DA Fic in short form. Every story wanted to be long long long. Even 45,000 words felt like the bare minimum for most of my story ideas. Occasionally I could fit an idea into 2000 to 8000 words, but not often. Most ideas wanted to be novels. Looking at my million+ words in my DA Scrivener and some ideas are 250,000 and still not done. THUNK. (no wonder I didn't want to edit this stuff.)

On the other hand, FFXII fic was short story heaven for me. Piles and piles of 200 word double drabbles. Stacks of flashfic. Long lists of sizeable short stories. Start-to-end novellas dropped out of the sky (but didn't always get edited). Sure, there were some long ideas but short was my bread and butter.

Wondering if Thinking that short fiction just made it far more "easier" for me (easy always goes in quotes regarding writing) to experiment with style, play with style, and really focus on verbal texture when the idea I wanted to express fit into 200 to 12000 words.

Thinking that the degenerate style in my DA fic comes from me needing far more words and far more thought to set up the universe/story/characters in the way that I want ... or the way the story wants ... or the audience wants...


Wondering if differences in the two canons & fandoms made me favor writing shorter fic for one (scattered all over the net) and doorstopper fic for the other (lol, that never gets posted).

Wondering what lessons I can apply to my orig fic.

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Today is the absolute last day to sign up for the 2016 [community profile] getyourwordsout  challenge.

FWIW, folks there are interested in both fanfic and original fiction, there are posts that are about the craft of writing, and calls for submissions also get shared. 

Here is one call that landed in the comm today: 

Anthology: Secrets and Dreams

 Secrets and Dreams, our first anthology for 2016, invites original and previously unpublished poetry and flash fiction in the theme of secrets and/or dreams, however you choose to interpret or include that theme, to its pages. . .

Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2016

(and now I must dash back to a long day of working working working)

So many tasty prompts

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 09:13 pm
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Too many tasty prompts at [community profile] areyougame and more than what I saw when the early preview was posted. :D

I still need to figure out which I will claim but people are taking their time with claiming. Go look!  GO LOOK

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Friday, 27 December 2013 08:22 pm
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Posted this on tumblr. Sticking it here too:

Been thinking about the kinds of characters I write in fanfic (and how they do and don't compare with the kinds of characters in my current original fic WIPs).


  1. I've been increasingly using fanfic to write characters who are difficult for me to write, but are needed in the kinds of stories I want to tell.
  2. I tend to avoid writing fanfic featuring characters I "like" or feel an affinity towards. 
  3. I no longer publish anything that is a character study intended to fuel a massive composite for an original character (my OCs tend to be composites of real people plus at least two or three fictional characters, maybe with a gender swap or aging/de-aging tossed in).

Longer ramblings beneath cut:

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2013 is my year of getting (far too many) Thedas-based fanfic WIPs posted and done. I knew work would force me to take a writing break from the end of March through early May but that's all behind me now. Whoo. Now I just need to remember WHAT I WAS WRITING!

This is the first of a few 2013 WIP Round-up posts for me so I can keep track of active projects.

Here are a few new WIPs that were added to my pile WHILE I was on a writing hiatus. ;)

(The old WIPs are all still active and will be mentioned in upcoming posts.)

Three Andrastian stories/story sets: Bethany Hawke's Diary (story title TBD, novella? shortish novel?), Victoria Hawke's Universe (story series title TBD, multiple short stories, Sebastian-focused) and Andraste's Story (title TBD, novella).

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2012 sucked me into Dragon Age fandom. I don't know how many words I've posted (too difficult to count, especially on tumblr where most of myfic and meta went), but the Scrivener file that I started very late in December 2011 now has:
  • 188,000 words in the fiction manuscript section (most DA, some Cinders mixed in too)
  • 68,500 words the character notes section
  • 187,000 words in the meta section (which also includes misplaced character notes such as the 30 Day Alistair Meme, 30 Day WardenChallenge, and my Cullen meta)
I didn't sign up for a GetYourWordsOut challenge but there's no doubt that I wrote a lot of words in 2012. I've also started working on a feworiginal fiction ideas, but I don't have word counts for this atm.

As for what I posted? Not all of those words...

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As promised in a prior post, here is a character development interview with 120 questions. As many questions as that is, each section an be answered reasonably fast. Eight to ten sessions of writing (and research) to get it all done? Feel free to use, modify, or redistribute. (If you catch any lingering typos, please let me know.)

Instructions and 120 questions behind cut )
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Any interest in using the 30 Day Fantasy WorldBuilder Guide and the accompanying Magical World Builder to:

Ideas within the cut )

(For a variety of reasons I'm principally interested in this happening on Dreamwidth ... I may be withdrawing from LJ during the coming weeks.)

This post is public so feel free to pass the link on to others who might be interested.  Also, if this idea has already been done on dreamwidth, let me know.   :)

(Yes, I will still continue the ffic I've been threatening to finish.)


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