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GYWO'16: After taking off most of the second half of March and absolutely all of the first 12 days of April, I have caught up on my word count and, as of yesterday, managed to create a comfortable buffer of a few weeks of words, which is needed, because the next month and a half will be hit and miss.
Words words words, and what is and isn't working. And timelines. Dammit.Timelines. )

Track all the time

Tuesday, 2 February 2016 08:41 am
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Added a bunch of columns to my word/project tracking spreadsheet.

For each individual writing project I have 3 extra columns (per project, not aggregate!) for:
-- time writing new words
-- time editing (replacing words & punctuation with different words & punctuation)
-- time proofing, formatting, posting/submitting/etc.

I still need to add all the summation to my summary table...

Last month all time for all projects was in one column "time" that wasn't even formatted for time (it was pure numbers and it rounded). I made gross estimates of time across all writing and I can't tell when I over or under estimated for the day.

well. No more of that!

Yesterday was something like 800 words in 30 or 35 minutes and it is marked as such on my spreadsheet (exact numbers, not these from my phone random estimate memories). This is important. I have so little time to write that if I miss my daily writing window, it is gone. I really need to squeeze words out of an overly tight schedule and this is the only way I can make sense of it.

Yay data!  curious to see what more accurate time tracking will reveal.

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I have just logged my January check-in for GYWO'16 with 17983 words (approx 25 hrs of work) for January, exceeding my goal of 12500.

Not logged for GYWO'16, I have also plowed through 9 hours of editing (4990 words) in January, which was ok, but I wish I had found time to edit more.

fuck your wordcount concepts. This is how to do it. )
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Brief weekly update with preview of my January update:

Read more... )To address this problem, I will try to find time this weekend write a requested pr0n-hillarity Bullenphine story that has been making me SMIRK since the idea grabbed me ONE WEEK AGO. Thank you [personal profile] renegadefolkhero .


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Managed to write regularly despite being overbooked in life.  Today I hit and surpassed my January goal of 12500 words but one of my projects is still behind goal so I need to keep adding more words until this month ends. 

Words per week for the first three weeks of January 2016:

WEEKFri StartThu EndTotal New

Writing spread for this week:

OrigFic Proj1
Orig Fic Proj2
S1/17 1,463 
M1/18 523 

Current standing for GYWO 2016:

General Statistics
Total Words Written So Far12,743
Total Hours Spent Writing15.35
Avg Words Written Per Day796
Avg Hours Writing Per Day0.96
Avg Words Per Hour830
Number of Words Remaining137,257
Number of Days Remaining345
Number of Hours Remaining165.00

Feeling happy with my progress. Touch wood it keeps going as smoothly.  :)

For the rest of January I plan to:

-- Try my best to get 3500 more words for OrigFic Proj One, which is behind schedule.
-- Get back to rewarding all of my hard work with MOAR FANFIC WRITING
-- Get back to editing.  Haven't touched my editing pile since (looks at spreadsheet .... shameface ....) January 6th
-- Start planning my February goals 

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Today is the absolute last day to sign up for the 2016 [community profile] getyourwordsout  challenge.

FWIW, folks there are interested in both fanfic and original fiction, there are posts that are about the craft of writing, and calls for submissions also get shared. 

Here is one call that landed in the comm today: 

Anthology: Secrets and Dreams

 Secrets and Dreams, our first anthology for 2016, invites original and previously unpublished poetry and flash fiction in the theme of secrets and/or dreams, however you choose to interpret or include that theme, to its pages. . .

Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2016

(and now I must dash back to a long day of working working working)
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Sometime before 20 Jan comes to a close, I will have reached my goal of 12,500 new words for January. I'm just a few words away but I hit my daily goal hours ago plus I hit my 3000/week goal a couple days early (and then I went off to do other things that must be done) so more words can wait.

Looking back at my writing goals for January, here is where I stand:

Goals check in )
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Week 2 officially ended on when Friday the 15th began but I didn't have a chance to open up my laptop until now. By Thursday the 14th my progress toward my goals (which are 3000/week, at least 12k/month, 150k for 2016, try to fit editing in when possible), stood at:

Orig Proj1
F1/8  504
S1/10 1,261 
W1/13 910 
T1/14 527 

 WEEK 2 TOTAL:                  3203 words

Which keeps me on pace for 2016's goals:

General Statistics
Total Words Written So Far9,102
Total Hours Spent Writing10.10
Avg Words Written Per Day827
Avg Hours Writing Per Day0.92
Avg Words Per Hour901
Number of Words Remaining140,898
Number of Days Remaining355
Number of Hours Remaining156.00

I knew this week would be hard on me because I was over-scheduled with other things and my 9-5 this week was very demanding (and was more like 8a-7p) while I did a lot of prep/research/planning work that is very deadline driven such that I can hit deadlines for the next six months.

Thus, writing was ALL ABOUT LOW HANGING FRUIT WITH HIGH PAYOFF.  I promised myself that before the end of January I would finish the first pass of a brainstorming treatment for "into the blender" Orig Proj 2 (a novel). Enough of this story is bubbling around in my head that if I just sit and type, something vaguely useful will happen. So, that is what I did during spare moments when awake enough to type.

The good thing is that I am averaging 900 words/hour when writing things that come to me more easily. That means that 3000 words/week isn't impossible. 

More later, especially on Orig Proj 2. I need to do nine thousand things this weekend and all of it is on a time crunch.
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tl;dr:In addition to meeting/surpassing my goals of 3000+ words per week, writing most days per week, and 2000+ words of it being original fic, not only did I reward myself with fanfic writing, all of this word energy got me inspired and 3524 words of AHOL accidentally happened. Not complaining.

As for the long version:
I wrote 5900 new words this week across three projects. Yes! )


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