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In-progress list of DW communities that are of interest to people in video games fandoms. This list is not complete. If you want to suggest something I should add, please comment! A bunch of challenges have begun on June 1 or are beginning very soon. 

= Multi-fandom prompt & exchange communities =

- Participation open now/soon -

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= Video game specific communities =

- General communities for video game fandoms -

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- Prompt communities for specific video games -

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- Inactive / Quiet -

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= Other DW Communities of interest =

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I am currently compiling a list of DW communities that host multi-fandom or video game prompt challenges, fic exchanges, meta discussion, and other video game fannish activities. 

Anything from bingo prompt communities to very specific game+format communities (like drabbles for FFVIII) are welcome.

If you know of anything specific, please leave a comment? I'm searching manually through DW using the interests features.

Dead communities that might be revivable are also going on my list.

Meanwhile, I am think about video games fandom communities I would like to see on DW. Please comment with your own idea?  

Feel free to signal boost a link to this post. 
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This may be of interest to many of you in various video game fandoms.  [community profile] areyougame is taking prompts right now for the July round. Prompting closes at 8pm EST on June 15th.

Here is the call for prompts.  And here is information on how to prompt.

I am in the process of dreaming up an ocean of prompts for a range of different video games, including FFXII and DA plus others.

Please prompt!   \o/

Prompting doesn't commit you to anything. It just leaves food for folks who will claim.  (although consider claiming because communities like these are fun.)


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