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History is Written in Blood and Scars
Merrill, f!Hawke (VL's Mari Hawke, blue/green Mage)
732 words, rated T
Cultures clash, Hawke counts the scars on Merrill's hand.

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Rating: Safe for work (although story contains minor use of foul language).

After Ser Thrask’s death, Mari Hawke is distressed. Frustrated Cullen tries to keep the situation under control.Story assumes that Cullen & Hawke have been in an established relationship since the end of Act 2. (An earlier draftof this was written in Feb 2013 for the DA Kiss Battle.)

Story is part of this larger timeline.


 = Nothing I Can Say to You =

Cullen leapt over the side of the boat as it neared the shore. His feet splashed toward the beach. Salt water leaked into his boots and the heavy fabric of his skirt soaked up to his knees. He hardly noticed the cold wetness seeping throughhis tabard and trousers and into his socks. Instead, he ran as fast as he could along the edge of the shore, keeping tothe hard-packed wet sand. The metal plates of his armor clattered. His sheathed sword slapped against his side,threatening to loosen itself from its buckles. Cullen didn’t care.He made a sharp turn and lumbered up the beach. Hisboots sank as the soft sand moved beneath him, every step thrice the effort it should have been. When he reached thedunes, he scrambled up, grabbing fistfuls of fibrous sharp-edged grass as his footing slid out beneath him. Once heheaved himself over the top, he sprinted up a path. By the time he reached the old ruins, he was too late. 

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Title: Unthinkable Peace

Fandom: Dragon Age 2

Length:  2150 words

Characters:  Cullen/Mari Hawke, Thrask 

Summary:  Thrask’s insubordinate suggestions anger Cullen. Cullen would prefer to be in the Champion’s bed. 

Notes:  Part of this timeline. Written for pendency’s prompt: “Thrask’s thoughts on Mari/Cullen


In that lingering moment between dreams and wakefulness, Cullen lay within a hot cocoon of blankets, Mari’s sleep-heavy limbs holding him down. He let another minute pass. Maybe more. He might have slipped into sleep for an unmeasurably long moment. 

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A History of Lies - Chapter 1: A Kiss to Save the Day

Dragon Age: Cullen/Mari Hawke, cast

Rated R

Summary:  As political stability in Kirkwall decays, Knight Captain Cullen must learn to provide leadership in an impossible situation. Meanwhile, he forges an unorthodox relationship with an apostate named Mari Hawke.

Chapter 1, “A Kiss to Save the Day,” opens in the middle, less than a week after Hawke battles the Arishok and is declared Champion of Kirkwall. Cullen has been told to accompany Hawke on an official visit to Cumberland. Unbeknownst to Cullen’s commanding officer, Meredith Stannard, the beginnings of a romantic relationship between Cullen and Hawke have been secretly blossoming. Now, on their trip to Cumberland, everything is about to change…


Throughout the day, Cullen rehearsed the barefaced lie he would write in his evening report. 

Starting early in the morning, when he and Hawke set sail, heading west out of Kirkwall Harbor, alone on a tiny, single-masted boat, Cullen shuffled words in his head, moving them like pieces in a puzzle. He sought out innocuous patterns. Simple statements that read as unquestionable truths. He sprinkled in details to add touches of realism. Stock phrases to confirm what his readers already thought. By noon, he had composed his evening report more than a dozen times. Each time he felt satisfied with the picture his words would paint, he chided himself for creating a premeditated lie. After all, nothing worth hiding had occurred. At least, not yet. And then Hawke would catch his eye as she brushed back her windblown hair. She’d flash him a smile far warmer than his templar title should invite. In his head, he refined his fiction one more time, building the shield of words that would protect him while he sought out what he knew he wanted. She gave him strength, and everything about him and Hawke was a matter between himself and the Maker. This time, Cullen refused to feel shame.

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Master post for A History of Lies

Dragon Age 2, Aveline and Mari Hawke think about Wesley 

A is for Apprehension: Apostate, Keep Your Distance (part 1 of ?) 

While we sat near the edge of the dock, waiting for our contact to arrive, I thought about Wesley while Aveline thought about Bethany for me. Not that Aveline and I had agreed to mull over each other’s concerns. In fact, we rarely discussed our losses and neither of us had time to grieve. Yet, during the slowest hours of the day, as we waited for Athenril’s contacts to bring us to the back of a cargo ship, Aveline and I silently swapped our concerns, alleviating both of us of our reluctance for dwelling on what we had lost.
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Yet another domestic meme! This has a big section of thinky-thoughts at the end (question 15) with music/poetry from Leonard Cohen and why Cohen’s juxtaposition of sacred and profane imagery is absolutely perfect for a Hawke/Cullen ship. I’ve included links to four songs for your listening pleasure.

01. Who is big spoon/little spoon?

Him. Her. Neither. The dog. Depends.

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Peaches and Gin
Dragon Age 2
Mari Hawke, Malcolm, Leandra, Carver, Bethany
2100 words (rated R for some obscene language)

Written in response to pixelnyx’s question about “Mari’s relationship with Malcolm and Leandra. And because I imagine this might make a difference, how Mari might moderate her behaviour when it’s Leandra and Malcolm in the same room vs what Mari might say to them one on one.”


Family matters flowed easily when father was alive. My youth was full of joy. Me laughing until my sides ached, bare feet kicking in the air as I rolled backward on the floor, hands clasped as my elbows locked, index fingers pushed together and pointing up as I shot sprays of frost into the roof beams.Father threw peach pits into the air for me to shoot. Whenever I hit one, it would plummet to the floor, falling as an icy hailstone. PLONK! I would roll fast and dodge out of the way under the table. Another peach pit would loft into the rafters and, just as fast, I would slide on my side, fingers taking aim. KE-PLONK! CRASH! A peach pit hailstone knocked a cooking pot from a shelf and our old mabari jumped to his feet, barking at the sudden clatter. Carver yelled at me and Father to ‘knock it off, would you?’ He was trying to read. Bethany rolled her eyes and smirked behind her needlework. All the while, Father and I howled just as loud as our barking dog. Side-splitting laughter forced me to clutch my side but Father tossed another pit into the air. The pit careened straight toward the little glass window on our front door, leaving me no time to take a breath as I took aim. I forced out a bolt of ice that knocked the pit from its trajectory. The ice-bound pit crashed into the door-jamb just as Mother walked in.

“Oh, Maker!” Bethany shouted. Eyes wide, she clasped her hands to her mouth.

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