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4. What is one pairing you hate and why?

Wow. I do not like this question for so many reasons. Here is the new question:

4. Talk about your thoughts on pairings that cause discomfort in your fandom(s).

I had to change the original meme question because there are no pairings that I truly, intensely, passionately hate to the point that I avoid the pairing at all costs. Here is why: if the thought of any specific pairing causes me discomfort, that pairing or something that pairing represents has strong emotional power in it.

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Anyone else with thoughts on this?

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3.What is your current OTP and why?

FFXII: Everyone/Everyone. It's complex

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DA2: Cullen/just!about!any!Mage … although… I often wish I could get into other OTPs

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2. If you, AS YOURSELF, were to be written in as a character how would you be integrated into the storyline?

2. If you, as yourself, were the lead writer for your fandom’s canon, what would you integrate into the existing storyline?

FFXII: Ronsentwins exposition.

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DA2: Wow. Where do I even begin.

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When I first saw this 30 Day meme about a week ago I felt like answering it for DA2 because, at that time I felt like reminding myself why I like DA and why that canon grabbed me. Although, at the same time, I considered doing the same meme for FFXII instead. A few days back I decided that the FFXII version of this meme could wait for a month or three … and then today I made the mistake of looking at tumblr beyond my short list of trusted blogs.

After thinking about ditching this meme for DA2, I decided I am going to do a deathmatch version of this meme and write shorter answers for FFXII and DA2. FWIW, I started answering some of these meme questions over the past weekend. Might as well not wait text although I might edit some of it down so both receive equal treatment in words.

I will reword and change the meme questions as needed. I mostly plan to using these questions as springboards rather than answering them directly.

1. How (and why) did you get into this fandom?

FFXII: By Accident.

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DA: Oh No. Not another fandom.

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Reflection All These Years Later.

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