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I have wanted to make use of my "10,000 Swords" backstory for the Neria Surana (she lives in AHOLverse) but I since pulling10,000 Swords from the DABigBang during the summer of 2012(?), I ended up with a significant pile of ThedasFic scenes that that cannot be recycled into original fiction. (The rest was marked for fertilizing original fic, although still tbd).

Here's the real issue:  I have two Suranas.

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 Another set of entries, cross posted from my tumblr account.
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Currently doing the 30 Day Dragon Age Warden Challenge (character development exercise) over on Tumblr. I'm posting archives over here with a few days batched up into one. Here are Days 1 through 4 (Describe Your Warden's Background, Describe Your Warden's Appearance, Detailed Description of Warden's Personality, Descriptions of Warden's Relationships with DA:O Companions).

Fearliath's 30 Day Warden Challenge Master Post

Day 1. Describe Your Warden  


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Sorry to not keep on schedule with my NaBlo posts yesterday and the day before. I started writing this post on Tuesday morning but a combination of a deep lack of sleep, a 12-hour workday, and all of the hullaballoo with the U.S. elections squarely got in the way of finishing this post. By the time I got home, the 6th of November had come and gone, and I was a crazy mix of drunk (wheee, alcohol), wired (wheee! Great election results!), and exhausted (booo… no solid sleep for days…). Yesterday, I decided to take a MUCH NEEDED “fall off the face of the earth” day. I slept until early afternoon (yay! Sleep deficit resolved!) and then I sequestered myself in a coffee house with a book. Dinner somehow ended up involving a lot of tequila as my dinner-mates monitored state and county election returns (at that point, only 60ish% of our state’s vote had been counted, and less so for our populous county). I finished writing this post late last night (after sobering up) but was too tired to post it. Clearly I need to catch up with my NaBlo posts by doing double posts over the next few days. 


Today’s post is about one of my WIPs, This Bird Has Flown (Alistair/Surana, Cullen/Surana). A 500 word excerpt from my draft of the first chapter is at the bottom of this post. 

This Bird Has Flown grew out of the first DA:O fanfic that I drafted almost a year ago. The story hasn’t yet seen the light of day because the idea needed a lot of time to cook. Along the way, it merged with a few other story ideas until one day the whole thing just *CLICKED* and I could see the entire novel. At that point, I only needed to sit down and write it. (Harharhar.)

While TBHF is narrated entirely by Alistair, the story is just as much about Neria’s friendship/relationship with Cullen in the Circle and Alistair’s prior friendship with Cullen as monastic brothers as it is about Alistair/Neria, Alistair’s relationship with his royal-blooded family, and Alistair feeling unsure about what he wants out of life.

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I posted on Sept 9th about month-long writing productivity experiment that I'm doing this month in which I count the number of words I post (or archive) per month. Given that I'm on vacation (which is rapidly ending), my count is a bit higher than I expect it would normally be. 

All of the details for how much I wrote plus a list of all fiction and essays during the first 9 days of September: are linked from this post.

As of today, I'm my count for September looks like this:

Words Archived:  0  (must make archival versions of two DAkinkmeme stories before end of month?!)
Words Posted:  23561  (definitely higher than my target)
Number of Posts:  14  
Days when no writing occurred: 2

Fiction, Headcanon & Meta posted from Sept 10 - Sept 20:

  • DA2 Meta: Thoughts on the Anders Rivalmance - 625 words
  • DA2: Fenris/fem!mage!Hawke - "Close" - 2150 words (very NSFW, for this prompt)
  • DA2: Cullen/Mari Hawke - Chapter from "A History of Lies" (drunk Cullen has something he must tell Mari) - 2350 words
  • DA2: Cullen/Mari Hawke - Headcanon in 15 Question Domestic Meme - 3850 words
  • DAO: Cullen/Surana "Accidental Baby" - 650 words
  • FFXII: Vossler/Basch "Telepathy" - 430 words
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I want to get Alistair's relationship with my canon warden, Neria Surana, back into my head so here's a detailed version of a 15-question domestic meme, complete with a few songs to listen to while you're reading (if you are so inclined -- scroll down to the end for music).

01. Who is big spoon/little spoon?

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