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Day 5 In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Given that I have hardly ventured beyond my tiny little circle of fandom friends for the past year+, I am promoting three seven DW writing communities that I want to spend more time on during 2019. Below the list I'll explain why these communities intrigue me and hopefully others might feel inspired.

1.  [community profile] drabble_zone -- an active multi-fandom community for 100 word drabbles and 200 word double drabbles. New prompts posted every Saturday.

2.  [community profile] ffvii_100 -- a lightly active Final Fantasy VII community for 100 word drabbles. New prompts posted every Monday.  (note: I have written for this community in the past

3.  [community profile] 100_words -- an active multi-fandom challenge for 100 word stories. New prompts posted every Tuesday.

4.  [community profile] fandomweekly -- an active multi-fandom community for very short fiction of 1000 words or less. New weekly themes announced each Wednesday.

5.  [community profile] 31_days -- an active multi-fandom challenge in which a new set of prompts is posted every month and you post your fan work for that prompt on the appropriate day.  Perfect for drabbles, double drabbles, flashfic, and other short works. 

6.  [community profile] fic_promptly -- an active multi-fandom short story community where you post prompts in response to the current theme and then write short stories for other people's prompts. Includes a "lonely prompt" archive for inspiration if nothing in the current theme's prompt list strikes you. (And looking through the lonely prompts right now I am feeling so inspired :)

7.  [community profile] 15kisses  -- a low-commitment multi-fandom challenge where you claim a pairing and a table of 15 prompts (twelve different prompt tables are available) and then you produce 15 fan works based on those prompts. You can have up to four claims active at a time.

Why these communities as recommendations? I love to read and write very short fanfiction. Drabbles and double drabbles are a particular fave of mine because a well-written Drabble (or double Drabble) is a word-crafting puzzle with the aim of producing a tiny gem of a story. Also, I always have time to read stories that are exactly 100 or 200 words. Crafting a Drabble takes time but it is something that can be done over coffee. 

I have similar warm feelings for flash fiction and can easily fit a 1000-words-or-less story into my life as a reader. Writing something that short is low pressure.

fic_promptly is full of good lonely prompts. Some of my fandom friends have written and/or prompted in that community. I have been meaning to take part but haven't had time. Also, I am more likely to dip my toes into writing for other fandoms when I only need to produce flash fiction. 

As for 15kisses, it looks like fun.

Date: Sunday, 6 January 2019 07:51 pm (UTC)
girlmarauders: Ancient woman in robe sits on modern bus looking disgrunted (Default)
From: [personal profile] girlmarauders
If you like flash fiction challenges, you might like [community profile] femslashficlets! It's a place for ficlets with femslash, and they do a prompt challenge, and every ficlet has to be under 1000 words. It's been fun so far for me.

These are great community recs, I'm gonna check them out!

Date: Sunday, 6 January 2019 09:04 pm (UTC)
fragilespark: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fragilespark
The term "double drabble" makes me nostalgic like whoa. I could try to do some as part of my daily creativity.

Date: Monday, 7 January 2019 07:34 am (UTC)
breakfastdragon: (Default)
From: [personal profile] breakfastdragon
Thanks for these community recommendations, it's so good to see all this multi-fandom activity on Dreamwidth! :)


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