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On Tumblr, I'm posting drafted snippets of Even the Littlest Monsters Cast Shadows Long and Tall (FFVII: Vincent, Yuffie, Lucrecia, Cast) more or less at random as I shove things into THE BIG STRUCTURE in Scrivener.

The most recent Monster Bits I have shared are:

Monsters Bits #1
Location in Draft: Drafted scene exists somewhere in the middle of Chapter 1.
Characters in scene: Vincent and his internal monologue of memories.
Rating/Warning: Safe for work, mentions a character’s (Lucrecia's) death.
Summary: There are certain things that Vincent cannot forget

After a long stretch of time of not attaching myself to any place in particular, I decided to settle for a while in Kalm. I found a furnished one bedroom apartment on the second floor of a building and paid two months rent in cash. When I signed my name on the lease, I asked the landlord for the date. The twenty-fourth of July.   [Continue reading on Tumblr]

. . .

Monsters Bits #2
Location in Draft:
Many chapters in, near the end of Act 1 (of three acts).
Characters in scene: Vincent, Yuffie, (Godo discussed)
Rating/Warning: Mostly safe for work (oblique mention of sex) / no warnings
Summary: A few months after Yuffie moves in with Vincent, starting their undiscussed, unexamined relationship(???), Yuffie wants Vincent’s opinion about her father.

Thirty minutes after Yuffie disappeared into the bedroom, she began shouting in Wutaian. Once I realized she was on the phone, I tried to ignore her but the closed door and thin wall between us did little to muffle her tirade.  [Continue reading on Tumblr]

. . .

Monsters Bits #3
Location in Draft:
Half way into the novel-in-the-making
Characters in scene: Vincent, Yuffie
Rating/Warning: Safe for work / no warnings
Summary: Vincent’s memories of New Year’s Eve past while negotiating matters he wants to avoid during News Years Eve in the present.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to watch people who know their place in the world. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I wish people misfortune or harm. The problem is that when I am surrounded by people who assume everyone else leads lives just like theirs, lives with predictable Monday morning routines, I don’t feel like I belong.  [Continue reading on Tumblr]

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