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Weekday one on week of “Trying To Have A Week of Staycation” -- afternoon update.

tl;dr: Going okay, brain full of brainiac things which is awesome, but overall things could be better.  Motivationally-enviously eyeing some of your lovely Tumblr themes and, in one case, a highly customized gorgeous DW theme and thinking about how I need to clean up my neglected slum-lord Tumblrs and DW. 

(yes, I know how to CSS/HTML with some Javascript. No, I am fucking lazy/busy/idk ... so I subject all of you with shit aesthetic.)

Okay, real update:


1.  Physical pain levels are far too high today. Cranky-making. Took acetaminophen. Chugging coffee and omnomnomming chocolate (lol, I swear it helps). Might need another acetaminophen. 

2.  Over the past three days I have spent the brunch and coffee verbally planning the next 12 months of Major Day Gig work (project) with a trusted person. ... need to write all of this down before I forget because pain makes me brain forget everything. fml.

3. Finally writing again in huge chunks of words (!!) rather than tapping out my nightly minimum of 250 words just before bedtime while desperately trying to keep my eyes open. As for the latest thing, between last night and today I have barfed out 2240 words of interesting thoughts regarding MBTI typing. So many fuzzy-wuzzy concepts that I have wrestled with over the past almost-a-year are now solidifying IN MY BRAIN LIKE WHOA. I am finally creating my own toolset and system of the MBTI gold (while ditching the mounds of useless horse shit). That alone is its own story.  ;)

4. The current thing (2240 words and counting) that I am typing up is an applied MBTI typing essay: a full on type analysis of FFVII’s Vincent and when it is done is2g it will be really freaking long. So far, “all” I have done in 2240 words is show the logical reasoning for ruling out 14 of the 16 types. And, in doing so...

5.  ... I ended up having some interesting realizations about ISTJs. Lol. ISTJs, the bane of my existence. Hahahahahaha. (that was an evil laugh, btw ;)   So, there have been a few fans who have typed Vincent as an ISTJ and I think they completely misunderstand MBTI when doing so. Like, “Vincent is loyal, ISTJs are loyal, therefore, ISTJ” Nope. Anyhow. When creating a logical argument for ruling that type out, I needed to think/research/determine how an UNHEALTHY ISTJ acts and how that differs from a healthy ISTJ (and, obviously, how both of those variations of an ISTJ differ from canon!FFVII!Vincent). While doing this, I had a massive “Ah-HA!” (evil laughter) moment regarding other characters and RL people because ...

6.  Not only am I having fun writing (well, mostly planning to write) Professor Hojo as a case study of an ISTJ scientist who falls into a dangerously unhealthy state and becomes THE PSYCHOPATHIC MAD SCIENTIST FROMM HEEEEELLLLLLL THAT HE IS (and/but with a sick ISTJ twist) -- so, not only that -- I also realized why someone I deal with IRL (day-gig) who is all but certainly an ISTJ, ends up regularly being a major freaking pain in my rear which wouldn’t bother me as much if this person was in the hierarchy at my level or below me but, unfortunately, they are in the hierarchy above me and calling the two of us oil and water is an understatement. Personally, I do whatever I need to do to diffuse the situation and Always Be Professional, but once this person decided they don’t want to work with me, well, irrationality (fear?) on their part took over.

7.  Is2g this realization about Professor Hojo and Dr. Annoying will become a great source of personal amusement (observe my evil grin snickering face) while writing the Hojo parts of Monsters *and* while sitting through moments of Annoying at day gig.  

8.  Observe my evil grin snickering face.  >-}

8 Revisited. Although, seriously, once I pin-pointed Annoying as an ISTJ who can lapse into unhealthy psycho-social game playing **and** once I started reading/researching/mapping out why ISTJs can do the things Annoying does, and how to unruffle ISTJ feathers so they back the fuck down -- because ISTJs can become bullies in that “annoying hall monitor, follow the rules OR ELSE” sort of way -- I started seeing how a few people who get on well with Annoying handle their interactions and, you know what? Jungian MBTI predicts that the ways they work with Annoying will make Annoying into a far more reasonable person. Score.

9.  I so very much miss coding computer code stuff. Maybe I really will start messing around with themes sometime tonight or tomorrow. The fact is this; sometimes I am far to lazy-utilitarian: if something works, even marginally, I just leave it be because I have far more important Other Shit(tm) to do. Except, right now, I need the mental distraction of compute code and the results of aesthetically clean blogs and inspo spaces. 

10.  I will never cease to be amazed by how certain meaningful art just grabs hold of my attention and transports me into another state. By meaningful art, I don't just mean Srs Bzns Artworld Art. Solid illustrations and doujinshi, for instance, from Yuffentine fandom will do the same for me too. Post-canon casually domestic Yuffentine slays me every time. Bonus if the two of them are totally casual while Reeve is all OMG  ( UωU ). Hahahahah.  


Enough random ramblings at my end. How’s your day going?

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