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I was tempted to do a ship meme on Tumblr but am doing this instead because Tumblr moves too fast and I'm only online some of the time.  

Even though I have been friends-lock journaling like mad about current multi-chapter WIP - Even the Littlest Monsters (Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo, Vincent&Yuffie-->Vincent/Yuffie), I am such an everyone/everyone shipper in FFVII because the canon is just glorious for it. 

Thematic running list of my Everyone/Everyone in FFVII:

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I cannot promise fast turn around because crazy work-schedule but ...

Prompt me in FFVII land.  Doesn't have to be on the list above but if it is, I'm more likely to have something I can drabble about. Note: I have not played more than the first few missions in Crisis Core so leave most of those folks out for now. ;)

Prompt me as:
- Quick drabbles:  pairing, prompt
- Headcanon:  pairing, typical meme question like these  - e.g., who asks weird questions in the middle of the night) 
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The "How I Feeeeel About This Character" meme for Dragon Age's Cullen:

1.  How I feeeel about Cullen:  Why Cullen's skewed moral compass interests me and my muse. (2000 words)

2.  All of the people I romantically ship with Cullen:  Headcanon and muse-fuel thoughts about Cullen/Warden, Cullen/Hawke, Cullen/Leliana, and Cullen/Bethany. (2500 words)

3.  My non-romantic OTPs for Cullen:  More headcanon and muse-fuel about Cullen and Alistair, Greagoir, Aveline, and Merrill. (600 words)

4.  My unpopular opinions about Cullen:  A series of logical consequences regarding Cullen's devotion to the Order. (1700 words)

5.  One think I wish would happen to Cullen in canon:  Answers wanted for what happens after DA2! (500 words)

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