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WIPs that are actually actively in planning/drafting/writing/editing/finishing rotation as of right now, right at this very moment, dammit. Like for real:

FFVII Monsters Universe:

1.  Even the Littlest Monsters Cast Shadows Long and Tall (novel, ffvii. canon-exploration, Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo, Vincent&Yuffie(OG)>> Vincent/Yuffie(post-AC) >> Vincent/Yuffie+Shelke+Avalanche as found family. friendships and rivalries, career development going sideways, awkward relationships, relationships that aren't meant to be, complicated relationships, potentially turning "paranormal romance" upside down so it sort of becomes lit-fic,  unexpectedly humorous narrators, what goes on inside vincent's head during all those moments of "........") 

+1a.  Littlest Monsters Tidbits and outtakes (ficbits, ffvii, previews of drafted tidbits from Even the Littlest Monsters that stand alone, outtakes from the pantsapalooza mess while generating ideas for Monsters)

2.  I Said, You Said (While Casting Shadows Long and Tall) (novella(?), ffvii. post-canon (yuffie in her 30s, vincent still 27), wutai/yuffie/vincent, title as blatant theoretical clue, postcolonial fiction.)

3.  Urbanism (short story series, ffvii. Tseng/Midgar. Urban re/development vs being a turk, diaspora fiction)

4.  Sunrise, Sunset (short novella, ffvii. Aerith?Vincent, lifestream!Aerith/dead!Turk!Vincent, bittersweet that is painfully bitter. premise: when turk: vincent was shot and sort of died, part of his soul traveled over to the lifestream. Aerith from "Maiden who travels the planet" finds partial!soul!of!turk!Vincent and remains emotionally intimate with him in the lifestream until chaos reawakens at the end of dirge. fic as partial explanation for why alive!vincent is a little more normal during the Dirge epilogue, and how he survives the final chaos-vs-omega battle, because canon is "aerith has the magical power to heal everything - smirk".)

5.  Shadow and Light (100-word drabbles, flashfic, and 1-sentence fic series, ffvii. cast, exploration of canon, all canonical ships, all implied ships and teased ships, everyone&/everyone, multi-themed, random bucket of stuff)

6.  Beware the Cat (short story series, ffvii. Reeve/Shipping, Tifa/Shipping, Cloud/dead!Aerith, Tifa/Cloud, Tifa/Reeve. Marlene&Cait Sith, and all other canon ships + monsters ships in background. complex relationships are complex. reeve is such a shipper. no, i mean, REEVE IS A HARDCORE SHIPPER. Reeve loves ship gossip, and so does Tifa. And then things become really complex when reeve starts caring a little too much about shipping with Tifa.)

Things that I want to do something with but I am not entirely sure what:

FFVII Post-Apocalypse AU-Verse:

And Then There Were None (flashfic series, ffvii-au, pretty much everyone/everyone, premise: and then there was the time the avalanche crew failed to save the world. people cope. or not. clinging to something while everything else falls apart)


Things I might revisit in coming months:

A.  Old Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 Cullen wips.  Some are 60-90% finished but never posted or only partly posted, some are actually very very long. During sunny summer days, I might feel compelled to speed edit and post. TBD.  Ranges across the map:  various Cullen kinkprompts (too numerous to count), Cullen/Hawke/Sebastian & Cullen/Sebastian "shameboners", Cullen/Fenris (don't ask), Cullen/Amell!Warden, Cullen/Surana!Warden, Cullen/Alistair, Cullen/Disaster!Hawke (What He Wants), Cullen/MariHawke (A History of Lies), Cullen/Bethany+Bethany/Keran kinkfest (Precious Things), etc etc etc

B.  Anthem Old, half-finished DA2 Fenders WIP.  The idea is far larger than what I wrote. But what I wrote is long enough to stand on its own so I could finish and post it it at some point.

C.  Not in a Place Like This. FFXII Vossler/Basch saga with Vossler/Ashe complications. Vossler is a social climber. Basch is the hero of the people. And then there is Ashe. (Ashe/Vossler, Ashe/Rasler, Ashe/Balthier, Ashe/AlCid, ... Basch/EveryoneAsheHasEverFucked)

D.  "Restore my FFXII fic Project" -- So much FFXII fiction, so much of it very hard for fandom to find. Time to put it back for the FFXII re-release. Also time to do a quick finish on various WIPs and just post the remaining pieces and parts as is without trying to make them into long fics.


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