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Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. 


I am using this opportunity to start creating a collection of the fan art that has provided inspiration while I work on drafting a novel-length FFVII fanfic.

This list is far complete but it took me a long time just to assemble this much into a post so here it is:

00323z (Artist on Tumblr - Active): 00323z has a distinctive graphic illustration style and tends to post "daily doodles" so there is often something new most days of the week. They post fan art of Final Fantasy characters with a strong focus on Vincent Valentine (FFVII, Dirge of Cerberus), who is depicted scenes that could have happened in canon or, if not, that feel in character. Tseng and the Shinra turks plus other FFVII characters are regularly featured. I check 00323z's blog almost every day for goodies. Each image's bold blocks of color and minimally suggested details create a sophisticated cartooning style. People who follow me on Tumblr will probably recognize this artist's lovely work. Their Tumblr blog is almost entirely illustrations so just click (00323z), scroll, and enjoy. 😊
Good day to you, Mr. Valentine by 00323z (Tumblr artist)
Good day to you, Mr. Valentine by 00323z
(click on artwork to go directly to original post)

_shillo (Artist on Twitter - active) - lush full color illustrations and doujinshi for FFVII, FFXV (and others). The backgrounds. The details. The complexity. I ... cannot feature just one as an example, so here are a handful of links plus some example images. If I ever decide to go full throttle with digital illustration, I will pour over every detail of this artist's work. **rolls around in it for hours just scrolllllling -- dfkaejfealkjdklafjaldfjkaldfj**
(1) Four page doujinshi (English version) -- Vincent & Nanaki's travel the planet long after the team members are gone
(2) Four page doujinshi (English version) -- Sequel to the Vincent & Nanaki's travels: Good bye
(3) 3 process images of line art, inking, and grey-scale shading/textures for one page of a larger comic that features Cloud camping in North Correl
(4) 3 process images showing the steps from inking to coloring to shade color in a comic featuring Zack, Aerith, and Cloud
(5) Full color illustration with much background detail: Cloud and Tifa at the Golden Saucer
(6) Collection of full color illustrated scenes from the FFVII journey
(7) Full color illustrations with lush backgrounds of Cloud in various places (Highwind Conf Room, Ancient Forest, Wutai...) <-- these are glorious
(8) Full color illustration of Cloud and Nanaki in Cosmo Canyon Observatory
(9) Oh the background coloring on this one ... and as for the subject? haha! Vincent and Yuffie (post canon)
(10) Character illustration with Tifa & Aerith
(11) Character illustration with Vincent in the crystal cave
... And finally, two highlighted examples (relevant to my current interests)
Vincent in the crystal cave with Lucrecia (Yuffie and Cloud in the party) - by @_shillo  on twitter

Vincent & Yuffie in Kalm by _shilo
Vincent & Party in Lucrecia's crystal cave ... and Vincent & Yuffie in Kalm by 悠 @_shillo
(click on artwork to go directly to original posts)

すぱ (Artist on Pixiv, also on Twitter as @eresupa - Active) - grayscale and full color character art and doujinshi for a variety of video game fandoms but with a heavy emphasis on Final Fantasy VII. Has posted a series of post-canon and domestic Vincent/Yuffie developing relationship doujinshi (Japanese language only). Absolutely lovely crisp, clean style. (Pixiv won't serve an image linked through a website outside of pixiv so just go check out here stuff over there ... although twitter will allow me to give you can example of her style so, linked below). If you have seen me gleefully reblog/post/mention ponytail Vincent, you know this artist's work. ;)

Vincent and Yuffie by すぱ / @eresupa
Vincent and Yuffie by すぱ / @eresupa
(click on artwork to go directly to original post on twitter)

The Art Engineer (Artist-hosted website) - Original comics plus FFVII Doujinshi (English and German). She got started fourteen years ago(!) by creating a visual novel adaptation of the Yuffie/Vincent fanfic "Sink to the Bottom with You" (based on story text by Catalina), and this visual adaptation matures the original fanfic in ways that give the characterizations a wonderful, believable texture -- by showing through illustration the painful aspects of immaturity and insecurity that often makes relationships difficult for people in their late teens and throughout their twenties. Unfinished but with 568 pages completed there is so much art goodness to enjoy. Her other FFVII doujinshi is "Faith", a story about Tseng and Aerith, 108 pages, completed. Looking at The Art Engineer's website with 14 years of steady "one chapter at a time" progress gives me so many warm fuzzy feelings about what is possible when someone sets up a schedule and just keeps going and going and going, one page at a time.

Page from The Art Engineer's adaptation of Sink to the Bottom with You

A page from the graphic novel adaptation of Sink To The Bottom with You by The Art Engineer
(click on artwork to go directly to original post on twitter)


And here are a few more honorable mentions that hit me with a "Hell Yessssss":

The Unhealthy Triangle - Hojo, Vincent, Lucrecia by vinlikke (on deviantart)

The Unhealthy Triangle - Hojo, Vincent, Lucrecia by vinlikke (on deviantart)


Uncredited, Vincent, Lucrecia, Hojo
Vincent, Lucrecia & Hojo -- artist uncredited (I've searched for who the artist may have been but no luck so far. please let me know if you know so I can give credit & view more of their work)


Date: Thursday, 3 January 2019 08:32 am (UTC)
coyoteclaw11: Haru looking Annoyed (Default)
From: [personal profile] coyoteclaw11
Oh wow. I don't know anything about Final Fantasy, but that is some gorgeous art!

Date: Friday, 4 January 2019 03:12 pm (UTC)
kurgaya: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kurgaya
These are so cool! I love that Vincent & Yuffie in particular :) I def have to check out these artists now


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