Monday, 16 July 2018

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Sometime life gets in the way of composing posts. When those moments of Life™ pass, well, here we are.

The short update is that I have been playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper on and off, and somewhere along the line I got two more of my characters to level 99. But what I am doing on FFRK isn’t the interesting part of this post. But, since I am speaking of FFRK, right now I am still just bumbling forward, hitting everything with the few hammers I have, although it is now clear that strategy needs to be applied for the high level battles. I just haven’t done much of that yet because when I have been play FFRK, my brain has been in “off” mode. Sometimes I think my iPhone lulls my brain into “off” mode. >_<


So, here is the real meat of the post:

It is interesting how I, in 2018, equate mobile games with “whatever runs on my phone or, perhaps, my overly large tablet (an iPad Pro).” Yet, with all of the recent ShinMegamiTensei/Persona excitement in my life, I remembered that mobile games were something I once played on dedicated handheld consoles.

Last night I dug my ancient PSP and my equally ancient Nintendo DS out of a box. I rummaged through my games – hardcopies – and made mental notes of which games I probably have in digital form from the playstation store, and then set everything up to start charging.

This morning, I re-engaged my brain with an ongoing less-than-satisfactory relationship I have been forming with my current mobile device of choice (an iPhone) and with the ever-ticking clock.

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I plan to begin using my Mobile Gaming Monday posts as a means to KEEP MYSELF HONEST. Sort of like giving up cigarettes. Mobile gaming, in whatever form it takes each week, needs to become an alternative wasting time in crap apps, and, frankly, I feel bad calling some of those news/essayist media apps “crap apps” because a handful of them are dedicated to doing actual journalism but … as I said above, when I think of the limited hours of the day as the ever-advancing clock and calendar in a Persona game, a lot of stuff that feels Important™ in the moment is really just a waste of my personal, limited time when viewed across a period of months or years.


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