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Out of curiosity, I made a table that shows the number of stories at AO3 that feature various ships with female Hawke and Male Hawke. I only used AO3 (not because AO3 allows me to easily identify only the stories that explicitly ship a pair.

I searched for Hawke paired with canon LIs, Hawke paired with non-LI party members, and Hawke with a small selection of NPCs (selected mostly on my interests and whims than anything else). I decided only to look at Hawke pairings because the author has a greater range of flexibility in how they shape Hawke. Hawke can be an author stand-in, Hawke can illustrate the author's feelings while playing DA2, or Hawke can become the kind of character that the author wishes to write about.

Barring any mistakes in my tallies, here are the stats:

For quick comparisons, here are stats for some other ships that are have 10 or more stories:

  • Fenris/Anders: 249
  • Fenris/Isabela: 69  
  • Aveline/Donnic: 36
  • Aveline/Isabela: 16
  • Bethany/Isabela: 10
  • Bethany/Sebastian: 14
  • Carver/Merrill: 32
  • Isabela/Merrill: 28

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Here is the beginning of a meta about playing RPGs (particular DA) as an actor/character vs a writer/director ... and how that changes the way I think about canon and fanfiction.
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