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Have you played Solstice?  Let's talk.

Haven't played Moacube's Solstice? Go play it and come back in 7-9 hours. I'll be here.  :D

There be spoilers beyond this cut.


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I need be a responsible adult on and off over the next few days but I will add my thoughts to this post as comments over the next day or so. Please add yours. Please invite people to add theirs.  Obviously, spoilers will exist.

I think I have everything set up so anyone can comment no matter if they are a DW or an LJ user (this is crossposted to both). DW users can track this post for new comments.


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I finished my first PT of Solstice late last night.  The ending I received is here (spoilerish if you haven't completed the game at least once).

Without saying anything spoiler heavy:


2.  If you haven't played, you can do a single playthrough in -- idk -- maybe 8 hours?

3.  There is enough nuance in this game to support multiple playthroughs and various scenes are only available via mutually exclusive choices that examine different points of view (e.g. spend this plot point only talking to Character X vs only talking to Character Y).

4.  Yet another rare but fascinating take on The City As A Character.  (perhaps even the main character)

5.  istg this game feels like what would happen if an alien intelligence or artificial intelligence spent a few years studying fandom in order to write something aimed at fandom, except it is written from the AI's pov with a twist. This is a compliment, not a criticism. omfg the handling of the tropes.

6.  Did I say CITY as a character? Fascinating city. Oh so fascinating.

7.  From my POV, the game is a tropegasm. Saying anything more would be a walk into spoilerville.

8.  Very much a game about a group of people being people (for better or for worse). Quite a few interesting pieces of dialogue.



If you want to discuss Solstice leave me a comment.
If you know someone who wants to discuss Solstice, send them over here.
If enough people want to discuss Solstice, I will make a separate post because I want to keep spoilers out of this post.

If you haven't played Solstice, I recommend it.

(please feel free to comment, but don't say anything spoilerish here on this post)

EDITED TO ADD:  A spoiler-laden threaded discussion post for Solstice started over here.


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