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Best Friends
Aveline, Cullen (Dragon Age 2)
1950 words, rated G
Aveline might have thought of Cullen as one of her closest friends if not for the troubling secret they shared.

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Master post for A History of Lies

Dragon Age 2, Aveline and Mari Hawke think about Wesley 

A is for Apprehension: Apostate, Keep Your Distance (part 1 of ?) 

While we sat near the edge of the dock, waiting for our contact to arrive, I thought about Wesley while Aveline thought about Bethany for me. Not that Aveline and I had agreed to mull over each other’s concerns. In fact, we rarely discussed our losses and neither of us had time to grieve. Yet, during the slowest hours of the day, as we waited for Athenril’s contacts to bring us to the back of a cargo ship, Aveline and I silently swapped our concerns, alleviating both of us of our reluctance for dwelling on what we had lost.
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Roundup of Tumblings

Friday, 11 May 2012 06:21 pm
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Round up of things in my Tumblr (for my reference more than anyone else, but you might find it interesting too):


Meta & Headcanon (mine and other people's) 


Pitting my OTPs against each other:


Goodies & Lulz:

[Edited early Saturday to add a few extra links]

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No Land in Sight
Aveline/Wesley, DA2
200 words
During Aveline's journey from Gwaren to Kirkwall

Sitting still for three weeks )


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