FFXII, revisited.

Saturday, 18 February 2017 09:27 pm
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If I decided to revive any of my prior FFXII fanfic WIPs, drafts, or concepts from past is there anything that anyone still here would want me put at the front of my writing -> editing -> posting queue?

FFXII meta counts too.

Actually, this also includes just asking me to repost or turn read permissions back on for stories that have been packed away for the past 6 years. Re-editing/revising old finished stuff that is unavailable technically counts as writing.
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(heh, I typed 90% of this entry almost 2 weeks ago... finally opened my laptop. Time to finish and post.)

If I remember correctly (please correct any errors!), a few of tiny handful of canon facts about Ostwick and the Trevelyans include:

1.  Someone named Trevelyan (or named something similar to Trevelyan) migrated from Tevinter to Ostwick quite a few generations ago. This person is in Dorian's family tree and he assumes they might have founded the Trevelyan line in Ostwick.

2.  At the time of the Inquisition, Trevelyan has cousins(? it was cousins, correct?) who live in Nevarra and they are close enough to the center of power that they can influence political alliances.

3.  Ostwick's circle was very sedate and easy-going, a mage Trevelyan was able to come and go. That circle attempted to remain neutral after other circles started to rebel. Eventually the templars at the Ostwick circle left their post and that was the end of that, which sounds like no blood shed and a completely peaceful situation, except....

4.  The Senior Enchanter Lydia of Ostwick circle, who was a close friend of Vivienne, was murdered by one of her students in the circle. 

5.  The head of state in Ostwick is called a Teryn.

6.  When the Qunari launched an attack on the Free Marches in 7:56 Storm, their first landing point was Ostwick and from there they launched assaults on Starkhaven and Kirkwall. (Kirkwall fell and remained under Qunari rule until liberated by the Orlesians in 7:60).

7.  According to Josephine, Trevelyan's nobility doesn't carry as much weight as nobility from elsewhere and Orlesians view Oswtick as "quaint" (a politely chosen word that could mean just about anything in the context). If Trevelyan address that comment with a sharp tongued response, Josephine very sternly and very directly reminds Trevelyan that such talk is NOT appropriate (I think Josephine warns that the response is low class speech but I cannot remember and need to find a video of it).

8.  Almost nothing is said about Ostwick in the World of Thedas. I'm starting to think that all of the Inquisitors were purposefully given blank canvas backgrounds so people could fill it in how every they wish?


Early phase headcanon ideas:

A.  Ostwick's liberal attitude toward mages and magic stems from the city retaining its ties with Tevinter long after the old Tevinter empire was forced to withdraw from the Marches. Members of Tevinter's Altus (ruling class) have a long history in Ostwick.

B.  In 7:56 Storm, the Qunari selected Ostwick as their landing point not only because they felt the city could be taken but because they viewed it as a satellite state controlled by the Tevinter Empire. At that time, Ostwick instead saw itself as a free "neutral" state that had ties with Tevinter and with Orlais, despite having an upper class and merchant class that was heavily populated by Tevinters. 

C.  After the Qunari invasion was repelled from the Free Marches, Ostwick's leadership decided to remain neutral but feel persuaded, shall we say, to align more closely with Orlais. Glosses of Andrastian belief & culture were painted over Ostwick's pre-Andrastian ways (a mix of Tevine and old Nevarran). The ruling families of Ostwick made a point of becoming Very Financially Supportive of the Chantry. Yet it is all skin-deep. Scratch an Ostwicker and they bleed Tevine.

D. As the Free Marches move into recent eras (the 8th and 9th ages),Tevinter's Altus nobility along with a wealthy ex-pat merchant class continue to have a strong impact on Ostwick society. Ostick's rulership and legal system is directly traceable to Tevinter Altus families. Meanwhile, free from the caste restrictions in Tevinter, a group of non-mage families of Tevinter origin become financially successful (read: seriously wealthy) as the owners and, eventually, the financiers of a variety of mercantile businesses. Scholars and philosophers from Nevarra are employed by the ruling class as Ostwick's response to the Chantry's pressure to lessen Tevinter's influence over the education and scholarship in the city.

E. During the decades leading up the formation of the Inquisition, the Orlesian upperclass and Orlesian Chantry view Ostwick with suspicion because Ostwick is remote, independent, and has a distinctly foreign (Tevinter + Nevarran) feel. Orlesians refer to Ostwick as backwards or stuck in time. Orlesian street urchins and high class players of the Orlesian game are quick to insinuate that Ostwickers resort to blood magic and necromancy. 

And.... there is more but I need to leave for the day...

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Sunday, 4 December 2016 11:21 pm
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Have been thinking again over the past few months on why fanfic matters to me, why I miss participating in fanfic-driven fandom, what I currently want to write+share as fanfic (that Tevinter story masquerading as a Trevelyan story) but cannot seem to start a good conversation around it versus what I wish I still wanted to write+share but haven't for years because...


I don't have time tonight to write about writing. I should have gone to sleep an hour ago.

Another discussion elsewhere on DW got me thinking about fanfic as a means for having conversations. Agreed. And I miss it.

But as both a reader and a writer, fanfic is also a place where I can read or publish custom crafted stories that appropriate popular media icons but repackage them for some tiny audience off on very narrow "long tail" who considered a large enough market by the big media companies to be worth their while.

After all, whenever I actually LOVE a piece of mass marketed media, that is the kiss of death of that show/series/game/whatever.


edited 20 minutes later to add: fanfiction.net has 2.5 times more FFXII fanfic than AO3 and people from long ago are still updating on FF.net. Interesting. I wonder if that is one way to avoid the [...] while finding fic and possibly even conversations of interest. or not. unknown. tbh, some of the best (for my definition of best) DA fanfic kept itself over on fanfiction.net. hm. I really should go to sleep.
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On Imzy:

-  from_honnleath_to_skyhold - A Cullen Rutherford fandom community. Fortnightly prompt challenges. Welcomes all Cullen ships, Rutherford family, and Rutherford gen. All fanworks from fic to icons to image sets to mixes to essays, etc.

-  sarasa_cat - my personal blog on imzy. likely to be a repository of OCs and character development stuff?

I literally have over 300 invites so if anyone isn't on imzy yet, you can ping me directly here on DW or use the links on either of those two communities to get an invite.
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Finally in the process of switching the rest of my fandom accounts back to my original fandom name from Final Fantasy fandom.

Dreamwidth: [personal profile] sarasa_cat 

FF.Net: https://www.fanfiction.net/~sarasacat (back to my old name from FFXII fandom)

BSN.Boards.net: sarasa_cat

IMZY:  sarasa_cat  (primary name), vieralynn also reserved (used in a few places) 

Tumblr:  sarasa-cat.tumblr.com  

Dreamwidth :(

Friday, 5 August 2016 08:34 pm
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Seems that dreamwidth has been intermittent and rather arbitrary about emailing me all of my alerts.

If I haven't seen something or if I have been acting like dreamwidth is sort of dead, that's why.... :/  
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Given all the recent events of suck of the past bunch of days, uh, weeks, uh, make that months *and* given the bizarro-land of surrealist hell that the You Es of Eih has descended into, here is the challenge:

This is your prompt (link to article on huffpo with image for prompt).

This is the tag on AO3 that needs far more than the 7 works it has at this moment.  

Kink. Fluff. Curtainfic. Horror. Tentacles. Angst. H/C. Whatever floats your boat. Just make it so.

And spread the idea. ;)
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Have you played Solstice?  Let's talk.

Haven't played Moacube's Solstice? Go play it and come back in 7-9 hours. I'll be here.  :D

There be spoilers beyond this cut.


Read more... )

I need be a responsible adult on and off over the next few days but I will add my thoughts to this post as comments over the next day or so. Please add yours. Please invite people to add theirs.  Obviously, spoilers will exist.

I think I have everything set up so anyone can comment no matter if they are a DW or an LJ user (this is crossposted to both). DW users can track this post for new comments.


List of threads / thread-starters:
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I finished my first PT of Solstice late last night.  The ending I received is here (spoilerish if you haven't completed the game at least once).

Without saying anything spoiler heavy:


2.  If you haven't played, you can do a single playthrough in -- idk -- maybe 8 hours?

3.  There is enough nuance in this game to support multiple playthroughs and various scenes are only available via mutually exclusive choices that examine different points of view (e.g. spend this plot point only talking to Character X vs only talking to Character Y).

4.  Yet another rare but fascinating take on The City As A Character.  (perhaps even the main character)

5.  istg this game feels like what would happen if an alien intelligence or artificial intelligence spent a few years studying fandom in order to write something aimed at fandom, except it is written from the AI's pov with a twist. This is a compliment, not a criticism. omfg the handling of the tropes.

6.  Did I say CITY as a character? Fascinating city. Oh so fascinating.

7.  From my POV, the game is a tropegasm. Saying anything more would be a walk into spoilerville.

8.  Very much a game about a group of people being people (for better or for worse). Quite a few interesting pieces of dialogue.



If you want to discuss Solstice leave me a comment.
If you know someone who wants to discuss Solstice, send them over here.
If enough people want to discuss Solstice, I will make a separate post because I want to keep spoilers out of this post.

If you haven't played Solstice, I recommend it.

(please feel free to comment, but don't say anything spoilerish here on this post)

EDITED TO ADD:  A spoiler-laden threaded discussion post for Solstice started over here.

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Years pass and I am still wondering why my style for DA Fic feels so different from my style for FFXII fic. Today I started wondering if the length/format caused the textural and stylistic differences.

With rare exceptions, I have felt incapable of thinking about DA Fic in short form. Every story wanted to be long long long. Even 45,000 words felt like the bare minimum for most of my story ideas. Occasionally I could fit an idea into 2000 to 8000 words, but not often. Most ideas wanted to be novels. Looking at my million+ words in my DA Scrivener and some ideas are 250,000 and still not done. THUNK. (no wonder I didn't want to edit this stuff.)

On the other hand, FFXII fic was short story heaven for me. Piles and piles of 200 word double drabbles. Stacks of flashfic. Long lists of sizeable short stories. Start-to-end novellas dropped out of the sky (but didn't always get edited). Sure, there were some long ideas but short was my bread and butter.

Wondering if Thinking that short fiction just made it far more "easier" for me (easy always goes in quotes regarding writing) to experiment with style, play with style, and really focus on verbal texture when the idea I wanted to express fit into 200 to 12000 words.

Thinking that the degenerate style in my DA fic comes from me needing far more words and far more thought to set up the universe/story/characters in the way that I want ... or the way the story wants ... or the audience wants...


Wondering if differences in the two canons & fandoms made me favor writing shorter fic for one (scattered all over the net) and doorstopper fic for the other (lol, that never gets posted).

Wondering what lessons I can apply to my orig fic.

Ivalice meta prompts

Monday, 13 June 2016 11:27 am
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For various writerly reasons I plan to think about Ivalice (specially from an FFXII POV but also the other games).

If anyone has a canon topic or a meta prompt to toss on my list, please feel free. 


Top of the list includes character appreciation posts. In other fandoms I have relied on these to understand/appreciate characters who didn't work for me. I have noticed a lot of "Character X is useless" in ffxii fandom yet I have never felt that way. Thus, my desire to put these thoughts into words from the POV of a writer/storyteller.
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GYWO'16: After taking off most of the second half of March and absolutely all of the first 12 days of April, I have caught up on my word count and, as of yesterday, managed to create a comfortable buffer of a few weeks of words, which is needed, because the next month and a half will be hit and miss.
Words words words, and what is and isn't working. And timelines. Dammit.Timelines. )

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Had an x-files binge over the past few days, catching up on the first three eps of the reboot.

Enjoying. (not making any comments here because I am not writing spoilers in this post).

...Ah memories ... the old x-files.... I cannot remember which year I got into it but I have vivid memories of marathoning it in the late 90s and earlyish 00s, zooming through each season's box of DVDs, rewatching eps on repeat.

I was a SERIOUS FAN although not in a fanworks & fanning online sort of way.

Now I sort of wish I could write fanfic for x-files but I just cannot think of what I would have written then or what I would write now. I guess it's a case of being happily satisfied with the end-to-end series as is (faults and all, and the series certainly had its faults). What more is there for me to say? Not even all that interested in finding xfiles fanfic unless it is from a writer I know.

Anyhow, if I did write x-files fanfic, it would be nothing but fandom-original parody episodes set up like weekly shows and lone gunmen domesticity slash.

Track all the time

Tuesday, 2 February 2016 08:41 am
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Added a bunch of columns to my word/project tracking spreadsheet.

For each individual writing project I have 3 extra columns (per project, not aggregate!) for:
-- time writing new words
-- time editing (replacing words & punctuation with different words & punctuation)
-- time proofing, formatting, posting/submitting/etc.

I still need to add all the summation to my summary table...

Last month all time for all projects was in one column "time" that wasn't even formatted for time (it was pure numbers and it rounded). I made gross estimates of time across all writing and I can't tell when I over or under estimated for the day.

well. No more of that!

Yesterday was something like 800 words in 30 or 35 minutes and it is marked as such on my spreadsheet (exact numbers, not these from my phone random estimate memories). This is important. I have so little time to write that if I miss my daily writing window, it is gone. I really need to squeeze words out of an overly tight schedule and this is the only way I can make sense of it.

Yay data!  curious to see what more accurate time tracking will reveal.

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I have just logged my January check-in for GYWO'16 with 17983 words (approx 25 hrs of work) for January, exceeding my goal of 12500.

Not logged for GYWO'16, I have also plowed through 9 hours of editing (4990 words) in January, which was ok, but I wish I had found time to edit more.

fuck your wordcount concepts. This is how to do it. )
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Brief weekly update with preview of my January update:

Read more... )To address this problem, I will try to find time this weekend write a requested pr0n-hillarity Bullenphine story that has been making me SMIRK since the idea grabbed me ONE WEEK AGO. Thank you [personal profile] renegadefolkhero .


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Managed to write regularly despite being overbooked in life.  Today I hit and surpassed my January goal of 12500 words but one of my projects is still behind goal so I need to keep adding more words until this month ends. 

Words per week for the first three weeks of January 2016:

WEEKFri StartThu EndTotal New

Writing spread for this week:

OrigFic Proj1
Orig Fic Proj2
S1/17 1,463 
M1/18 523 

Current standing for GYWO 2016:

General Statistics
Total Words Written So Far12,743
Total Hours Spent Writing15.35
Avg Words Written Per Day796
Avg Hours Writing Per Day0.96
Avg Words Per Hour830
Number of Words Remaining137,257
Number of Days Remaining345
Number of Hours Remaining165.00

Feeling happy with my progress. Touch wood it keeps going as smoothly.  :)

For the rest of January I plan to:

-- Try my best to get 3500 more words for OrigFic Proj One, which is behind schedule.
-- Get back to rewarding all of my hard work with MOAR FANFIC WRITING
-- Get back to editing.  Haven't touched my editing pile since (looks at spreadsheet .... shameface ....) January 6th
-- Start planning my February goals 

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Today is the absolute last day to sign up for the 2016 [community profile] getyourwordsout  challenge.

FWIW, folks there are interested in both fanfic and original fiction, there are posts that are about the craft of writing, and calls for submissions also get shared. 

Here is one call that landed in the comm today: 

Anthology: Secrets and Dreams

 Secrets and Dreams, our first anthology for 2016, invites original and previously unpublished poetry and flash fiction in the theme of secrets and/or dreams, however you choose to interpret or include that theme, to its pages. . .

Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2016

(and now I must dash back to a long day of working working working)
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Sometime before 20 Jan comes to a close, I will have reached my goal of 12,500 new words for January. I'm just a few words away but I hit my daily goal hours ago plus I hit my 3000/week goal a couple days early (and then I went off to do other things that must be done) so more words can wait.

Looking back at my writing goals for January, here is where I stand:

Goals check in )


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