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Okay. NOW I am ready to have that low-effort characterization discussion.

If anyone (plural!) is interested, just leave a reply and let me know if you have some time soon or not for a couple of weeks.


As a bunch of you know, I have a very large FFVII WIP that includes a sizable character arc for Vincent (told in 1st person POV). The WIP also includes other character/plot arcs.

There are a bunch of things itching my brain regarding how I want to handle and interpret certain aspects of Vincent’s canonical presentation, specifically:

(1) the monster transformation or monsters stuffed into his body issue and what that symbolizes which is a giant can of worms. Also how that symbolism intersects with the two relationships vincent has with two female characters in the story arc, which opens two more giant cans of worms because symbolism, intended vs unintended gendered messages, etc…)

(2) the extent to which I want to make body horror primary aspect of vincent’s arc in the narrative, and how.

(3) how issues 1 and 2, above, intersect with actual Real Life ways that some people reclaim their body after troubling or traumatic events. And what that means regarding how the text handles undead!vincent’s rather unique (or iconic) style of dress. And how the text of Monsters might handle this.

Overall, my general concern has to do with what Even the Littlest Monsters may or may not be saying and how I want to amplify or diminish certain interpretations as I edit and continue to write the Big Massive Novel In The Making.

See tags… (I've copypasta'ed the tumblr tags below)

What is required?

-1- Willingness to engage in a “as you have time” discussion (DW or GoogleDocs) on the symbolism and interpretation of specific monster tropes, horror and body horror tropes as noted above.

-2- Vague familiarity with FFVII canon. Vincent’s canon is pretty small/contained and you just need vague knowledge. I can provide a few quick video clips that illustrate relevant bits.

What is helpful but not required?

-3- Having read any of my FFVII short stories from 2017.


body horror, horror, monsters, monster transformations, implications in M/F relationships, psychological implications, gendered implications, girlfriend one turns dude into monster, as does girlfriend one's husband who murders the dude (death to the pesty competition), and then girlfriend two is with a half monster half human dude, which is, you know, full of implications, which sound worse in these tags, also... depression, body violation and reclaiming, costumes and unusual dress, doing something interesting with these tropes, biology and science gone wrong, characters defined by EPIC REGRET


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