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Help me think while I plot/outline!  
Ask my FFVII "Even The Littlest Monsters Cast Shadows Long and Tall" characters questions and I will respond!!
POV characters in past timeline (backstory and years leading up to Vincent's murder):
- Turk Vincent 
- Lucrecia 
POV characters in present timeline (FFVII + 4 years):
- Immortal Vincent
- Yuffie
Other characters: Hojo, Reeve&Cait, Tifa, Cid, Nanaki, Cloud, Marlene, Shelke, Godo, Vincent's mother (OC), and others from FFVII and Dirge of Cerberus cast (anyone fair game for an ask if I can relate it back to Even The Littlest Monsters). 
Ships: Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo, Yuffie>/Vincent, (other ships from canon acknowledged). (Vincent/Lucrecia is the canonical doomed mess, but with the addition of an extramarital affair occurring between them after Lucrecia marries Hojo.  Yuffie/Vincent as a canon-friendly ambiguous relationship - friends? partners? battlemates/housemates? lovers? - that is ambiguous even to themselves until they individually get their acts together a few years down the road).
Story Summary:  When Vincent is awakened by Cloud's crew, the events that unfolded three decades prior felt as fresh and as raw if they had occurred yesterday. Vincent spends the next four years seeking an understanding of who he has become while reconciling his past and present emotions. Story explores canon through missing scenes, backstory, interpersonal relationships, and psychological character studies. 
The chapters interweave four POVs in past and present timelines. Vincent, a ShinRa Turk, is an introverted, insecure late bloomer who fails to command the authority required in his position at the ShinRa Mansion facility in Nibelheim. Lucrecia, who has undergone previous setbacks to her academic career, is driven to succeed in her new position no matter the cost. Thirty years later, scientifically altered Vincent wrestles with guilt, shame, and immortality while making sense of a world that has moved on without him and a body that is not entirely his. Meanwhile, Yuffie struggles with finding a place and purpose for herself after Wutai has fallen from greatness. She develops an oddball, off kilter friendship with Vincent that both of them find difficult to define. 
Themes: academic hell, professional rivalries, career failures, broken relationships, workplace relationships, scientific research ethics violations, communication breakdowns, unrequited love that is not quite unrequited, extramarital affairs, growing up, body shame, body horror, trust issues, socially awkward people, friends to partners to lovers, found family vs blood relations, women who distrust gender roles, people trapped by the past, national shame, starting over again.

All asks to POV characters are welcomed -- goofy or serious asks, plotty asks, thematic asks, backstory asks, "how do they feel about ____ // what do they think about ____" asks, interpretations of canon asks, etc.

Asks to any other character also welcomed -- just connect it somehow to the ships, summary, themes, etc., in Monsters!
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