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I was tempted to do a ship meme on Tumblr but am doing this instead because Tumblr moves too fast and I'm only online some of the time.  

Even though I have been friends-lock journaling like mad about current multi-chapter WIP - Even the Littlest Monsters (Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo, Vincent&Yuffie-->Vincent/Yuffie), I am such an everyone/everyone shipper in FFVII because the canon is just glorious for it. 

Thematic running list of my Everyone/Everyone in FFVII:

- Cloud/Tifa and Cloud/Aerith ... and Tifa/Aerith:  I am the polar opposite of the Cloti-vs-Clerith war. The story is perfect for me just the way it is in canon+compilation. Even more fun if Tifa/Aerith happens at some point in game. Just let it be what it is and revel in it. So much bittersweet, so much wanting what cannot be had and trying to make what exists into something that works. 

- Aerith/Zack --> Cloud/Zack or Cloud->Zack --> Cloud/Aerith:  .... well, you know. 

- Tifa/Barret & Marlene:  Found family, going with the flow with the situation at hand, Tifa & Barret as cooperative adoptive/social parents for Marlene regardless of their relationship status. Tifa & Barret having a relationship that is hard to define and morphs in and out of different phases based on what they need.

- Tifa/Vincent:  The parallels between Aerith-Cloud and Lucrecia-Vincent are something that even Word of God has talked about it. Assuming Cloud remains emotionally distant after Advent Children when Vincent is ready to move on, this sort of writes itself. (have already bookmarked a few fanfics of interest).

- Aerith/Vincent:  Alpha. Omega. Life. Destruction. Belonging. Foreign. Holy. Corruption. It is all there. All there. mythology galore.

- Vincent/Reeve:  Comedy. Cait Sith hitting on Vincent.  Reeve and Vincent being awkward. Every good engineer needs a loyal gunman. Silliness and awesomeness. Domestic GOLD.

- canon story for Cid/Shera:  oh my.  there is so much tragedy in this and so many rough edges with things that make me wince like Shera's devotion and the loud hints of misogyny and ... sadsigh. This wants to be explored with a delicate hand.

- Canonical past of Vincent-->Lucrecia (canon unclear how far the relationship went), Lucrecia/Hojo, Ilfana/Gast - the messssssssss. so much messy mess. All of the RL situations & squick of professional-personal boundaries being overstepped or transgressed. There is something very real in all of this that makes me want to explore it.

- Yuffie>&/Vincent:  Fey friendship, wack-a-mole crazypants, bittersweet ninja-gunman duo, commonalities of being bound to a past that is gone (and the world has moved on), faux-opposites who are two sides of the same coin, relationship defined beyond the bounds of societal scripts and expectations.  ... Also, post-Shinra!Vincent/post-Wutai!Yuffie and postcolonial themes.

- Rude/Tifa:  :D  The strong and silent duo.

- Rude/Reno:   Take canon awesome and add more.  Comedy: the loud mouth jackass and the strong and silent comedic straight man. 

- Reno/Yuffie:  Two brats. Much unrestrained crazy.

- Reno/Tseng:  The odd couple. Reno is such a comfortable mess. Tseng is such an uptight neat freak. 

- Reno/Tifa:  Mouth vs fists.  Hard vs soft.

- Tseng/Elena:   It's canon. It intrigues. I tend to like canon ships with minor characters mostly offscreen because it gives the fic writer so much room for interpretation.  .... The battle of the professionals. New pro and old pro. Soooo professionally driven. Office paperwork and UST angst.

Tseng/Aerith:   O_o   The bad mirrorworld of Gast/Ilfana...  (shameface... now I gotta write it).

- Rufus/Yuffie:  *shrug*  Bratty kids inherit the world.

- Vincent/Chaos:  Leaving this here and silently walk away.

- Cloud/Sephiroth:  Technically, I'm not interested in this at all ... except it is such a trainwreck spectacle of a never ending kinkmeme promptfest could be (has been) based on cut scenes and dialogue from the OG+Compilation.... >_<

- Sephiroth & parental issues:  Seph has serious issues with his parents...  Except it is so melodramatic that it bleeds into everything that is sephiroth. Honestly, Seph is the least interesting character in the series to me now although I remember finding him more interesting in the past. 

- Yuffie & Wutai:  talked about this before at length. In brief: I am far more interested in *realistic* stories about a person who lets go of unreal expectations about their changed culture/nation than unrealistic stories of people restoring their nation to former glory. 

- Vincent & Shinra:  mentioned in less length, elsewhere. The betrayal that left a permanent MARK.  ...have always been amused at how Vincent's in-game occupation is listed as "unemployed." Shinra/Vincent was such a horrible mess that Vincent decided that UNEMPLOYED is better than ever other Vincent/Employment situation.  (I hope he invested in the market well and let that stock portfolio mature for 30 years of sleep, else ... a life of freeloading and freelancing?) 

- Reeve & Shinra:  So complex. The striving. The succeeding. extra canon material about his parents. The divided loyalties. The ethics and ethical boundaries. The decisions. The aftermath.  The strong ethical drive to clean up Shrina's mess with WRO...

-  Reeve & Engineering:   (⌒‿⌒)

- Tseng & Professional Duty:  Pretty much what it says on the tin.  The more I did into Tseng's story, the more I  .___.

I cannot promise fast turn around because crazy work-schedule but ...

Prompt me in FFVII land.  Doesn't have to be on the list above but if it is, I'm more likely to have something I can drabble about. Note: I have not played more than the first few missions in Crisis Core so leave most of those folks out for now. ;)

Prompt me as:
- Quick drabbles:  pairing, prompt
- Headcanon:  pairing, typical meme question like these  - e.g., who asks weird questions in the middle of the night) 

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017 06:55 am (UTC)
fragilespark: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fragilespark
I loooove this list. The only one that surprised me was Aerith/Vincent because I'd never considered it and I'm fascinated by your notes on it. (mythology!)

Prompt: sunrise.

Date: Tuesday, 11 April 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
zen_monk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] zen_monk
I'm reminded of this older fic, which I believed was called "Beneath the Snow Fields," regarding Aerith/Vincent, and it was a really interesting story if not premise. It's also one of those resurrection!Aerith stories, which conveniently flips the script by having Cloud as the looming shadow of ~past relationship angst~

Date: Friday, 14 April 2017 05:13 am (UTC)
zen_monk: (Default)
From: [personal profile] zen_monk
ho man, I forgot that it was a long epic that I never got to finishing. Reminds me of all the carefully crafted Geocities websites and fan shrines by bygone internet days.


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