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Fan fiction archives: I have a tumblr that mostly runs by queue as a personal social bookmarking reference mess.
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It is hard to explain my mixed feelings about MBTI ... I find it useful until I do not and there are so many ways in which it is not useful plus there is so much MBTI garbage littering the planet.

That said, something struck me earlier today -- The Anna Karenina Principle and how it applied (to some extent) to MBTI, and that became the seed for a 4500 word essay on Tumblr.


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Have been looking through some of my old Dragon Age drafts -- mostly DA2 fic -- and have only scratched the surface of all of those words.

Holy shit... I forgot that mostly outlined A/B/O story that requires capital W warnings in the first part, and then it completely deconstructs the whole A/B/O trope in the second part.

And Anthem ... I remember writing it but now that I am reading it ... omfg. Fenris. This. Why did I never finish it?

Wow. There is so much fic hidden away in my dropbox and google drive. I just ... whoa.

(and all of that orig I forgot about too.)
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When I first tried using twine a million years ago ... or sometime in 2014-15 or something like that, it reminded me the experimental fiction I had to read at the end of the 1990s in some graduate-level seminar on Hypertext. 

I never did much with twine. 

Over the past few years while I have lived under a rock, twine has grown up A LOT and clearly I am extremely late to the party.

The other day phdfan ([personal profile] breakfastdragon ) reblogged a post on Tumblr about a free indie fan-game, Dragon Age Insurrection, that is currently a work in progress and will employ a variety of programmatic aspects -- character race and class, romances, etc -- and it is being made with Twine2/SugarCube.  Interesting! Twine is growing up!  

Last night I...

...skimmed through the SugarCube documentation
...started hunting down into on the underlying Twee format
...started realizing that it would be possible to hook a lot of extra javascript in and have the js make calls to a backend database
...which means Twine can now be used for far more complex projects



But now I need to learn the basics of Twine and dust off all of my haven't-used-in-four-years programming skills.

So, rather than work on a bigger original project that I would consider using this stuff for, perhaps?? idk? Just a perhaps?

...Idrelle -- the person making DA Insurrection as an exploratory "learn how to make a text game" portfolio piece (and I am looking forward to it) -- ended up giving me an idea.

I have many many many hundreds of thousands of words of Dragon Age fanfic-in-draft that has been sitting in deep freeze for a while. Certainly, something small from within it could be the starting point for me playing with Twine? Obviously, I'd need to think about how to make it choice based with branching and and choice consequences but... hm. Why not?

Although I won't make anything that is anywhere near of the size and complexity of what Idrelle is making. Small. Or maybe a few small things. All... small. Learning exercises.

[is the icon for this post a hint? maybe. maybe not. but maybe. ;)] 
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Sometimes I just want to game on my lightweight work laptop (a MacBook) rather than on my aging, big gaming machine or on a console. 

DA2 happens to run beautifully on my MacBook. Currently, I am playing a completely unmodded game. I might add mods later?

As of last night, I have a new Hawke: a female warrior who is extremely purple.  Not my standard Hawke and no idea yet which romance path(s) this Hawke will take. Isabela? Fenris?

edit: huh? why did DW change my icon for this post? well, fixed. 
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Day 7

Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing. Try working in a new medium. Or check out some fanworks that are new to you.

I keep thinking about making fanart and sometimes I even mumble about making making fanart, but I haven't made the commitment and, tbh, fan art of video game characters using digital tools (rather than traditional art tools) leaves me in a state of  O_O: is pretty much the exact opposite in every way imaginable of the kind of art I am competent at.

THEREFORE IT IS PERFECT FOR TRYING SOMETHING NEW. And flailing wildly until I get the hang of it.

To put pressure on me, I am open to prompts that I will work on during my (lol) copious "free time" throughout 2019.  That gives me ample time to complete ten prompts. 

I'll take up to ten prompts requests. Here are the rules: 

1.  Valid fandoms are limited to:  
---- Final Fantasy VII / Compilation of VII
---- Final Fantasy XII & FFXII:Revenant Wings
---- Dragon Age: Origins (and DLCs)
---- Dragon Age II (and DLCs)
---- Dragon Age Inquisition (base game only)
---- Persona 5 

2.  Prompt in the format:  "Fandom; Characters-or-pairing (list up to 3 characters); short prompt"

3.  One prompt per person. 

4.  Do not leave prompts that require an explicit sexual interpretation. 

5.  Please prompt something different from what other people have already prompted.  

6.  AU prompts are allowed! 

Warning/disclaimer/facts-of-life:  I will work on these prompts over the coming months (and perhaps throughout 2019 depending on how little time I have). No guarentees about what my style will look like or what will actually occur because OMFG I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WILL HAPPEN. WE ARE ON THIS JOURNEY TOGETHER AND .... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

NOTE: I am going to reserve a 0th prompt for myself (a prompt I create for myself) that gives me a warmup for just figuring out how I even want to start doing digital fan art**. BECAUSE THIS IS A JOURNEY FULL OF ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[** I am a traditional/analog artist but I also know how to use photoshop and sketchbook pro for a variety of things, mostly design related work, and my digital illustration experience is limited ... thus this pledge to do something new]

Prompt Slots to be filled during 2019 (approx 1 per month minus my travel/vacation month): 

0.  Artists Choice (TBD)
1.  Final Fantasy VII (any): Barret/Tifa: In the snow. [personal profile] wallwalker
2.  Dragon Age 2 - Fenris, Hawke, Anders (happy for you to interpret their relationship as you see fit) - after the Chantry boom. [personal profile] breakfastdragon
3.  Dragon Age: Origins; the Warden's mabari; joy. [personal profile] aubergion
4.  FFVII; Yuffie, Vincent, and possibly Red XIII; "Pancakes." [personal profile] sepdet
5.  FFVII, Vincent, Yuffie, amusement park. and/or Vincent, Lucretia, amusement park. [personal profile] renegadefolkhero
6.  Final Fantasy XII; Penelo & Larsa; genealogy. [personal profile] suzume
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Day 6

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

three wishes )
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Day 5 In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Given that I have hardly ventured beyond my tiny little circle of fandom friends for the past year+, I am promoting three seven DW writing communities that I want to spend more time on during 2019. Below the list I'll explain why these communities intrigue me and hopefully others might feel inspired.

Seven active DW communities for drabbles, double drabbles, flashfic, and short stories )
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I HAVE TO DO DAY 4 WHEN I HAVE TIME.  (finding someone, connecting, etc.)

-- NOTE:  Might have to wait until Sunday 13th? TBD. Maybe sooner. This is a tough week for internet browsing. Difficult to do day 4's challenge via cell phone.

(time to catch up on other challenges for Snowflake...)
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Day 3

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much.

Many faves ... rolls around in them )
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Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. 


I am using this opportunity to start creating a collection of the fan art that has provided inspiration while I work on drafting a novel-length FFVII fanfic.

This list is far complete but it took me a long time just to assemble this much into a post so here it is:

FFVII Fanart Recs! (Note: The art is thematically relevant to Monsters (FFVII: Vincent, Lucrecia, Yuffie, Cast) so you will see a very clear theme *cough* in these recs) )

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Day 1

Talk about your Happy Place—the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane.


City skyline glowing across the water.
The distant sound of a train’s horn during the middle of the night.
A lazy afternoon reading while sipping coffee in a cafe.
The downpour of rain on the roof and the wet lush green world beyond the window.
A leisurely dinner out with my longtime partner in crime.
Working on a painting that takes countless hours to finish.
RPG video games and visual novels that suck me in because of the characters’ stories.
Cities that are or that could be city-states, both real or imagined.
Writing on my laptop while sitting in bed in my pajamas and drinking tea.
Modern or unexpected takes on botanical art and scientific illustration.
The seductive flow of ink onto creamy smooth paper.
A sleepy cat stretching and spreading its fat round toes.
Descriptive prose that is terribly, painfully human yet nonetheless beautiful.
Online fandom interactions that are fun, a bit “thinky,” and all around good natured.
Finding happy fanworks of my current fave OTP.

Regarding fandom specific happy places, Persona 5 is downright magical for me. I can wander around virtual Tokyo doing absolutely mundane things and feel completely engulfed in the goodness of being exactly where I want to be. The characters’ personalities and stories are A+ (note: not yet finished with the game — still avoiding hardcore spoilers). When I am away from my gaming console, the P5 Anime, Manga, and soundtrack are guaranteed good feels and I find it so relaxing to hunt for P5 fan art that I can add to my Pinterest collection.

The Final Fantasy series has provided decades of happy place goodness. The music instantly transports me to a happy place. Same for the official art, the environments, and many fanworks. There are easily two dozen FFVII fanartists whose work I return to repeatedly whenever I need that moment of “aaaaahhhhhhhhh. yes. this.” I need to organize a fanfic reco/happyplace collection one of these days. Writing my current fic WIP (FFVII-based) is instant happy place even when everything is going to shit for the characters.


Given other thinking that am doing at this point in the year, being challenged to name my happy place is very relevant.

Thinking about two challenges I need to give to myself:

1. Regularly creating moodboards/image collections of my happy place things.

2. Organizing / reorganizing my collections of fannish Happy Place fan works (made by other people) such that they are easy to find rather than somewhere out there in one of my messy Pinterest boards or 20 pages back under a half-forgotten Tumblr tag. Or, somewhere deep inside AO3 or or pixiv.

If anyone has good suggestions for organizing #2, please feel free to share.
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A few Tumblr blogs I follow have been silently hit with Tumblr's shadowbanning sometime over the past week or two. Once a blog is shadow banned, the blog stops appear in the search results and tagged posts made by the blog stop appearing when someone searches on that tag. Other than that, the blog continues to appear "as normal" for its followers in the sense that followers can see the blog in the sidebar and on their dash. From what I have seen, shadow banning may hide the blog from non followers but I haven't entirely confirmed this.

Look at shadowbanning-on-tumblr to see an example of a previously shadowbanned blog (now restored to normal) and use postlimit to check your blog or to check any other blog you follow that has been behaving strangely for the past week or two.

If you have been hit, I believe all you need to do is alert the support team at Tumblr, send them a screenshot of your shadowbanning from postlimit, and explain to them that you have been mistakenly targeted.

If someone you know has been hit, alert them. Tumblr has not notified the owners of shadowbanned blogs.
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Things I have managed to do:

1.  Sign up for the 200k word pledge for [community profile] getyourwordsout  2019

Things I want to do: 

2.  Decide if I can actually make time this year (unlike my time-fail last year) to organize a February is Yuffentine month event. ;)

3.  Decide if I am going to participate in [community profile] chocolateboxcomm  which means I need to nominate stuff of interest (cough) asap

4.  Visit [community profile] the_great_tumblr_purge  

5.  Post a friendly fic meme to my journal (stealing a good idea from [personal profile] karanguni )

Things I am forever searching for time to do:

6.  Finally move the rest of my fic over to AO3.  (so little posted on Ao3. so much fic elsewhere)

7.  Clean up my messy themes and update all of the random info stuff on my fannish journals.

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First off, things that are complex but appear to be working (perhaps?! I hope!? Please?!?!) in Even the Littlest Monsters:

Read more... )...


Read more... )
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On Tumblr, I'm posting drafted snippets of Even the Littlest Monsters Cast Shadows Long and Tall (FFVII: Vincent, Yuffie, Lucrecia, Cast) more or less at random as I shove things into THE BIG STRUCTURE in Scrivener.

The most recent Monster Bits I have shared are:

Monsters Bits #1
Location in Draft: Drafted scene exists somewhere in the middle of Chapter 1.
Characters in scene: Vincent and his internal monologue of memories.
Rating/Warning: Safe for work, mentions a character’s (Lucrecia's) death.
Summary: There are certain things that Vincent cannot forget

After a long stretch of time of not attaching myself to any place in particular, I decided to settle for a while in Kalm. I found a furnished one bedroom apartment on the second floor of a building and paid two months rent in cash. When I signed my name on the lease, I asked the landlord for the date. The twenty-fourth of July.   [Continue reading on Tumblr]

. . .

Monsters Bits #2
Location in Draft:
Many chapters in, near the end of Act 1 (of three acts).
Characters in scene: Vincent, Yuffie, (Godo discussed)
Rating/Warning: Mostly safe for work (oblique mention of sex) / no warnings
Summary: A few months after Yuffie moves in with Vincent, starting their undiscussed, unexamined relationship(???), Yuffie wants Vincent’s opinion about her father.

Thirty minutes after Yuffie disappeared into the bedroom, she began shouting in Wutaian. Once I realized she was on the phone, I tried to ignore her but the closed door and thin wall between us did little to muffle her tirade.  [Continue reading on Tumblr]

. . .

Monsters Bits #3
Location in Draft:
Half way into the novel-in-the-making
Characters in scene: Vincent, Yuffie
Rating/Warning: Safe for work / no warnings
Summary: Vincent’s memories of New Year’s Eve past while negotiating matters he wants to avoid during News Years Eve in the present.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to watch people who know their place in the world. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I wish people misfortune or harm. The problem is that when I am surrounded by people who assume everyone else leads lives just like theirs, lives with predictable Monday morning routines, I don’t feel like I belong.  [Continue reading on Tumblr]

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I don’t need yet another WIP.

Although, this is something that can leverage some of my old unposted Balthier/Ashe plus my posted series of Ashe/Various short fiction.

Was thinking about how certain things about Makoto (P5) remind me of certain things about Ashe (FFXII) and how, in retrospect, I now realize why I actually like how FFXII ends Ashe’s story and ... it makes me want to do something ... multiple things. My growing pile of accidental P5 WIPs aside, I actually also want to briefly return to Ashe and FFXII and finally finish my Ashe series.

(why brain? why do you think of all these things when I am really busy with other stuff? why is it feast or famine? why brain? Why?)
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Comment with a fanfic trope and I will tell you:
  • how likely I am to write it
  • what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for

(also on my Tumblr)

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Sometime life gets in the way of composing posts. When those moments of Life™ pass, well, here we are.

The short update is that I have been playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper on and off, and somewhere along the line I got two more of my characters to level 99. But what I am doing on FFRK isn’t the interesting part of this post. But, since I am speaking of FFRK, right now I am still just bumbling forward, hitting everything with the few hammers I have, although it is now clear that strategy needs to be applied for the high level battles. I just haven’t done much of that yet because when I have been play FFRK, my brain has been in “off” mode. Sometimes I think my iPhone lulls my brain into “off” mode. >_<


So, here is the real meat of the post:

It is interesting how I, in 2018, equate mobile games with “whatever runs on my phone or, perhaps, my overly large tablet (an iPad Pro).” Yet, with all of the recent ShinMegamiTensei/Persona excitement in my life, I remembered that mobile games were something I once played on dedicated handheld consoles.

Last night I dug my ancient PSP and my equally ancient Nintendo DS out of a box. I rummaged through my games – hardcopies – and made mental notes of which games I probably have in digital form from the playstation store, and then set everything up to start charging.

This morning, I re-engaged my brain with an ongoing less-than-satisfactory relationship I have been forming with my current mobile device of choice (an iPhone) and with the ever-ticking clock.

Read more... )

I plan to begin using my Mobile Gaming Monday posts as a means to KEEP MYSELF HONEST. Sort of like giving up cigarettes. Mobile gaming, in whatever form it takes each week, needs to become an alternative wasting time in crap apps, and, frankly, I feel bad calling some of those news/essayist media apps “crap apps” because a handful of them are dedicated to doing actual journalism but … as I said above, when I think of the limited hours of the day as the ever-advancing clock and calendar in a Persona game, a lot of stuff that feels Important™ in the moment is really just a waste of my personal, limited time when viewed across a period of months or years.


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